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Colloquium Overview

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Integrated Science Program (ISP) Summer Colloquium on

African Weather and Climate: Unique Challenges and Application
of New Knowledge

25 July 5 August 2011, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado

The unique land-ocean-atmosphere interactions in Africa present interesting challenges for research and applications. The continent is a major source of tropical heating, which drives the general circulation; it is where many hurricane precursors develop; it hosts the second largest monsoon system; it experiences the most intense thunderstorms on earth; it is the primary source of the mineral dust that swirls around the globe; and it is noted for extreme droughts and floods. Addressing these issues require an integrated approach to research and applications that is not typically offered in standard university courses.

The colloquium aims to educate and attract graduate students to research with far-reaching consequences and promote their collaboration. The focus will be on (i) developing synthesized knowledge on African weather and climate, and (ii) applying modern tools of remote sensing, numerical simulation and prediction, statistical data analysis, and visualization to understand variability on synoptic, intraseasonal, interannual, and climate timescales, making and interpreting their prediction, and optimizing its societal benefit in Africa. Lectures will be presented by a core group of instructors, including experts from Africa. Students will work in small groups on laboratory exercises and simulations based on case studies. Students will also have opportunities to present their research and to identify areas of priority for future collaboration.

The ISP will fund travel and local expenses for approximately 25 graduate students including students from Africa.

An NSF Workshop on Science and Cyberinfrastructure in Africa will immediately follow the ISP Colloquium in Boulder, CO on 5-6 August 2011.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Arlene Laing (Co-Chair, NCAR), Dr. Kerry Cook (Co-Chair, University of Texas), Dr. Peter Lamb (University of Oklahoma), Dr. Rajul Pandya (UCAR), Dr. Frederick Semazzi (North Carolina State University), Dr. Wassila Thiaw (NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction), Dr. Christopher Thorncroft (University at Albany), and Dr. Chidong Zhang (University of Miami).

Sponsor Organizations

NCAR's Intergrated Science Program (ISP)

NCAR Earth Systems Laboratory (NESL)

Research and Applications Laboratory (RAL)

Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology (MMM)

World Climate Research Program (WCRP)

Network Startup Resource Center

Contact ISP

ISP Administrative Contacts:

Greg Guibert

Michelle Rangel

Scientific Contact:

Arlene Laing


We are looking forward to your attendance!