Fifth Biannual Colloquium on Climate and Health


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The 2013 NCAR/CDC Colloquium on Climate and Health

July 9-12, 2013 | NCAR Foothills Laboratory, Boulder, Colorado

The 2013 NCAR Workshop on Climate and Health will focus on two related atmospheric hazards, the individual and combined effects of extreme heat and air pollution on human health. The purpose of the workshop is to train researchers (graduate students, post-docs and early career scientists and faculty) on how to develop robust interdisciplinary research projects in the complex area of climate and health. The 4 day workshop will take place from 9-12 July 2013 and will include lectures on relevant topics in climate and climate change and in public health and human health, vulnerability studies, urban studies, statistics, and special tools for analysis (e.g., GIS or NCAR model output datasets). In addition, a few successful research projects will be highlighted, providing detailed analyses of the methods and components of the projects that led to their success. There also will be multiple opportunities to engage public health practitioners and climate scientists to discuss the integration of epidemiology, ecology, behavioral science, modeling and atmospheric science. 

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