Weather Forecast Model Component

A modeling system based on the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) model is used to generate aviation weather predictions for the AOAWS. Meteorological data from the Central Weather bureau (CWB) and CAA are used by the WRF modeling system to generate high-resolution forecasts. The WRF uses a nested configuration whereby the finest grid is designed to cover the Flight Information Region (FIR). Worldwide weather data (e.g., GTS, AFTN, WAFS, satellite, etc.) are brought into the system and quality controlled as part of the WRF-VAR data assimilation system.

WRF modeling system domains used for the AOAWS system. The 4–km grid covers the Taipei Flight Information Region (FIR)

Output from the weather models is used to calculate aviation impact variables such as in-flight icing and turbulence. The post-processing step also includes software that generates model output graphics for use by display systems. The model output combined with other ancillary weather information such as AIREPs, satellite, and radar data are used by forecasters to generate aeronautical weather charts. Forecasters typically utilize workstations to create, edit and disseminate the charts and the high-resolution products generated by the modeling system are integrated into the forecasting process.