Scientific and Technical Advancement

Scott Swerdlin, Tom Warner, Cindy Mueller, Laurie Carson, Yubao Liu, Doug Lindholm, Rebecca Ruttenberg, Tom Saxen, Hank Fisher, Daran Rife, Troy Sandblom, Julien Chastang, David Hahn, Hsiao-Ming Hsu, Rong-Shyang Sheu, Steve Webb, David Leberknight, Fei Chen, Niles Oien, Jaimi Yee, Terri Betancourt, Carter Borst, and Chris Davis (RAL and ESSL/MMM)

For their work in designing, developing, and implementing a Four-Dimensional Weather (4DWX) system for the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command. The U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command is the command's primary source of weather data, forecasts, and analyses. Significant advances in both science and engineering have been made in the course of developing the system at five army ranges. They include advances in real-time, four-dimensional data assimilation techniques; providing improved short-term forecasting capabilities; and the creation of Java-based software to manage data ingest, quality control, requests for information, system monitoring, and weather alerts.
Co-nominees included Simon Low-Nam, Al Bourgeois, and Kevin Manning (ESSL/MMM).

The Four-Dimensional Weather (4DWX) system team won the 2001 Scientific and Technical Advancement Award.