Scientific and Technical Advancement

Dave Albo (WSAP), Ben Balsley, Kirk Clawson, Jeff Copeland (NSAP), Larry Cornman (AAP), Rod Frehlich (AAP), David Hahn (NSAP), Yubao Liu (NSAP), Niles Oien (WSAP), Michael Raines (NSAP), Bob Sharman (AAP), Rong Sheu, Scott Swerdlin (NSAP), Tom Warner (NSAP), and Stephen Dowdy (AO). Co-nominees included Jason Knievel (ESSL/MMM), Shane Mayor (EOL), Bruce Morley (EOL/RSF), Scott Spuler (EOL/RSF), Jenny Sun (ESSL/MMM), and Jeff Weil (CU/CIRES).

For designing, building, and implementing a building protection system for the Pentagon (Pentagon Shield). This system detects hazardous substances released into the atmosphere and forecasts their transport and dispersion. The group made a number of significant scientific and technical advances in the process.