Education and Outreach Award

Bruce Carmichael (RAL), Cindy Halley Gotway (RAL), and Lara Ziady (RAL): co-nominees Tim Barnes (SciEd), Carolyn Brinkworth (NCAR Directorate DEO), Eileen Carpenter (SciEd), Rachael Drummond (UCAR COMMS), Teresa Eastburn (SciEd), Teresa Foster (CGD), Zhenya Gallon (UCAR COMMS), Rachel Hauser (MMM/NCAR and UCAR), James Hurrell (NCAR Directorate), Joanie Keypas (CGD), Paul Martinez (UCAR IT MMS), David Maddy (UCAR Maintenance), Scott McIntosh (HAO), Marissa Miller (Food Literacy Center, Sacramento), Marc Mueller (UCP SciEd), Frank Purcell (UCAR Safety), Stephanie Reichlin (EOL), Jadwiga (Yaga) H. Richter (CGD), Sheryl Shapiro (HAO), Laura Snider (UCAR COMMS), Rebecca Swisher (UCAR COMMS), Kevin Trenberth (CGD), Marijke Unger (CISL), Jeff Van Damme (UCAR IT MMS)

For their outstanding efforts in organizing and hosting the NCAR Explorer Series.

This new public outreach series consisted of four quarterly lectures on NCAR research of direct relevance to the public, given twice to accommodate the significant community interest. The lectures were also broadcast via UCAR Live and are archived on UCAR Connect. They have already received over 2,700 views. This effort was only possible due to the close collaboration of staff from NCAR and UCAR, led by a scientist in CGD. Twenty-seven individuals are nominated for their commitment and outstanding effort to engage the public. In addition to novel and successful public outreach, the NCAR Explorer Series created synergy between numerous individuals at NCAR and UCAR passionate about public outreach.