Test Cases

Example Test Cases include prepared geospatial data, input files, configured namelists , and forcing data for sample regions (domains). They can be used to test your model build as well as to explore model configurations. Make sure that your test case version and your code version match!

Version 5.1.1 Test Cases &  Test Case User Guides
Standalone Croton New York v5.2 Test Case
Please use the 5.1.1 Standalone Test Case User Guide 
Coupled WRF|WRF-Hydro v5.2 Front Range Colorado Test Case
Please use the 5.1.1 Couplded WRF|WRF-Hydro Test Case User Guide
Oahu Hawaii v5.2.x Test Case (NWM configuration only)
Version 5.1.1 Test Cases &  Test Case User Guides
Standalone Croton New York v5.1.1 Test Case
WRF-Hydro v5.1.1 Standalone Test Case User Guide
Coupled WRF|WRF-Hydro v5.1.1 Front Range Colorado Test Case
Coupled WRF|WRF-Hydro v5.1.1 Test Case User Guide
Version 5.0.3 Test Cases & Test Case User Guides
Standalone v5.0.3 Croton New York Test Case
WRF-Hydro v5 Standalone Test Case User Guide
Coupled WRF|WRF-Hydro v5.0.3 Colorado Front Range Test Case
Coupled WRF|WRF-Hydro V5 Test Case User Guide

Test Case Descriptions

CrotonNY Test Case Map
Croton New York Standalone Test Case :
 This example test case includes a small region (15km by 16km) encompassing the West Branch of the Croton River, NY, USA (USGS stream gage 0137462010) during hurricane Irene, 2011-08-26 to 2011-09-02. The simulation begins with a restart from a spinup period from 2010-10-01 to 2011-08-26. There are 3 basic routing configurations included in the test case, National Water Model (NWM), Gridded, and NCAR Reach.

 Front Range Colorado Coupled Test Case : This is a test case for the coupled WRF | WRF-Hydro modeling system. It includes prepared namelists for all model components, domain and parameter files generated from the WRF-Hydro GIS preprocessing tools, and data to be used as initial and boundary conditions for the simulations period. This test case was developed with the intent for it to be able to be run on relatively small (e.g. desktop) systems for instructional purposes and used as a tool to ensure that the coupled modeling system is functioning properly.  In this test case, two nested model domains (with hydro components operating on the inner domain) extend over a portion of the Colorado Front Range influenced by a large flood event in 2013. Initial and boundary conditions for the simulation are prescribed from the NAM forecast. Users should be aware that modifications have been made to the model configuration and initial conditions in order to produce a hydrologic response over a relatively small geographic domain and period of interest. Therefore namelists should not be referenced as an example of best practices for domain configuration and model physics selection. Likewise, the simulation results should not be evaluated as a real simulation.map of Oahu Hawaii with WRF-Hydro Channels overlayed

Tropical Pacific Island Oahu Hawaii Test case
This example case includes prepared geospatial data and input files for a sample domain (region of interest) and prepared forcing data. The domain
encompasses the island of Oahu, HI. The simulation period extends from December 10th, 2020 through December 15th, 2020 and starts from restart files generated from a multiyear spin-up period. The forcing data prepared for this example case is downscaled data from theNorth American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) with supplemental precipitation data derived from gage observations. The domain files are a subset of the Hawaii instance of the National Water Model (NWM) configuration of WRF-Hydro. This test case is compatible with model code version 5.2.x.

Version 3.0 Test Cases

Support is no longer available for version 3 example test cases.
Boulder Creek Test Case: Example test case for a single small watershed (Boulder Creek, Colorado) using idealized forcing in standalone mode.  This test case shows examples of the Noah and NoahMP LSMs driven by idealized forcing (FORC_TYP = 4). No external forcing datasets are provided or required for this test case.
Front Range Test Case: Example test case for stand-alone/uncoupled WRF-Hydro run with either the Noah or NoahMP land surface models. This test case covers the Colorado Front Range region. The Noah and NoahMP LSMs are configured on a dx=1km grid and the routing grid is configured with dx=100m. Input forcing data for this WRF-Hydro run is provided in both standard, preprocessed input format (i.e. 'LDASIN' files - FORC_TYP = 1) or in native (unmanipulated) wrf model output (i.e. 'wrfout' files - FORC_TYP = 3) in netcdf format. [Note that the time window of the different forcing data is different so users need to edit the namelists to reflect those different run times.]  Users should consult the Version 3 Technical Description and User Gudie for more specific descriptions of the namelist settings and data formats.

Coupled Test Case: Example test case for WRF-Hydro to run in a fully-coupled mode with the WRF model v3.7. All data necessary to run this test case and a simple README instruction file are provided.