27th meeting of Working Group for Numerical Experimentation (WGNE)

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17-21 October 2011


1850 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, CO


Welcome to the 27th annual meeting of the World Meteorological Organization's Working Group for Numerical Experimentation, co-sponsored by World Climate Research Program (WCRP) and World Meteorological Organization Commission for Atmospheric Sciences. This year's meeting will have one day (Wednesday) of joint sessions together with the WCRP Working Group on Coupled Modelling (WGCM).


Andy Brown (andy.brown@metoffice.gov.uk) Co-chair
Barbara Brown (bgb@ucar.edu) NCAR Liaison
Tom Hamill (tom.hamill@noaa.gov) Local Organizer
Christian Jakob (christian.jakob@sci.monash.edu.au) Co-chair
Pam Johnson (johnsonp@ucar.edu) Logistics


Monday 17 October

08h30 - 10h30    Welcome, Adoption of the Agenda, Local Arrangements (10 min)
                            C. Jakob, A. Brown, T. Hamill

                            Welcome by NOAA/NCAR (10 min)
                            B. Brown

                            Meeting Goals and Actions from last meeting (10 min)
                            C. Jakob, A. Brown

                            CAS matters (45 min)
                            M. Beland

                            WCRP matters (45 min)
                            M. Rixen

10h30 - 11h00    Coffee

11h00 - 12h30     GEWEX (30 min)
                            K. Trenberth

                            WWRP/THORPEX (60 min)
                            G. Brunet

12h30 - 13h30     Lunch

13h30 - 15h00     Centre Reports (4, 20 min each)
                            DWD, BOM, UKMO, Korea

15h00 - 15h30     Coffee

15h30 - 17h00     Centre Reports (4, 20 min each)
                            Brazil, Canada, NCEP, JMA

Tuesday, 18 October

08h30 - 10h30     Recent developments in high-resolution NWP (30 min)
                            B. Lapenta, G. Dietachmayer

                            Recent developments in Numerical Methods (30 min)
                            M. Tolstykh, M. Baldauf

                            Recent developments in Data assimilation (30 min)
                            F. Rabier, J.N. Thepaut

                            Recent developments in Ensemble Prediction (30 min)
                            T. Hamill, C. Muroi

10h30 - 11h00     Coffee break

11h00 - 12h30    Centre Reports (4, 20 min each)
                            France, China, Russia, ECMWF

12h30 - 13h30     Lunch

13h30 - 15h00     Centre reports (2, 20 min each)
                            NCAR, GFDL

                            Rainfall verification with a specific focus on diagnostics studies
                             (40 min) Participants led by Co-Chair
                            Rainfall Verification at DWD
                            WGNE Rainfall verification over Japan
                            QPF verification scores for NCEP and International Models
                            TIGGE multi-model and ECMWF reforecast-calibrated probabilistic
                                precipitation forecasts over the US

15h00 - 15h30     Coffee break

15h30 - 17h00     Science talks (3x30 min each)
                            Development of ensemble Kalman filter and variational hybrid
                            Jeff Whitaker, NOAA

                            DART, the Data Assimilation Research Testbed
                            Jeff Anderson, NCAR

                            MPAS, Model Predictions Across Scales
                            Bill Skamarock, NCAR

Wednesday, 19 October

Joint WGCM-WGNE Sessions

08h30 - 10h30     Welcome (10 min)
                            J. Meehl, S. Bony, C. Jakob, A. Brown

                            Overview over WGCM activities (10 min)
                            J. Meehl, S. Bony

                            Overview over WGNE activities (10 min)
                            C. Jakob, A. Brown

                            WCRP JSC overview (30 min)
                            G. Asrar, A. Busalacchi

                            CMIP (30 min)
                            Karl Taylor

                            Climate Model Metrics Panel (30 min)
                            P. Gleckler

10h30 - 11h00     Coffee break

11h00 - 12h30     Tanspose AMIP (30 min)
                            K. Williams

                            CFMIP (30 min)
                            S. Bony

                            YOTC and new MJO experiments (30 min)
                            M. Moncrieff, J. Petch, D. Waliser

12h30 - 13h30     Lunch

13h30 - 15h00     WGSIP report (30 min)
                            David DeWitt

                            High resolution AMIP and resolution in climate models (30 min)
                            Discussion introduced by P. Gleckler

                            CORDEX (30 min)
                            F. Giorgi, C. Jones

15h00 - 15h30    Coffee break

15h30 - 17h00     Model development and the prospect of international CPTs (30 min)
                            Discussion introduced by S. Bony and C. Jakob

                            Workshops in particular CMIP5 and Systematic errors (30 min)
                            Discussion introduced by S. Bony and C. Jakob

                            General discussion on joint activities (30 min)
                            J. Meehl, A. Brown to chair

17h30 - 20h00     Reception

Thursday, 20 October

08h30 - 10h30     GASS/GCSS/GABLS report and discussion (60 min)
                            J. Petch, G. Svensson

                            GLASS report and discussion (30 min)
                            J. Santanello

10h30 - 11h00     Coffee break

11h00 - 12h30     SPARC report and discussion (30 min)
                            S. Polavarapu

                            Earth System Physics workshop (20 min)
                            J. Teixeira

                            GOVST workshop (20 min)
                            G. White, B. Lapenta

                            Follow up and decision on Systematic Error Workshop (20 min)
                            C. Jakob

12h30 - 13h30     Lunch

13h30 - 15h00     The grey zone project (60 min)
                            P. Siebesma, J. Onvlee

                            Recent developments in supercomputing (30 min)
                            J. Hack

15h00 - 15h30     Coffee

15h30 - 17h00     Current state of aerosol and air quality modelling at the centres
                            (60 min)
                            Participants led by S. Freitas & G. Dietachmayer

                            SURFA (30 min)
                            C. Fairall, A. Brown

17h00 - 19h00    Early Career Scientists Assembly Poster Session - ML Cafeteria

Friday, 21 October

08h30 - 10h30    Report of JWGV (45 min)
                            L. Wilson

                            TC verification (30 min)
                            C. Muroi

                            Polar Verification activities (20 min)
                            Participants led by F. Rabier and J.-N. Thepaut

                            Discussion on verification against own analysis (20 min)
                            Participants led by F. Rabier and JWGV

10h30 - 11h00    Coffee

11h00 - 12h30     Meeting summary and discussion of future WGNE activities,
                            including workshops and projects
                            C. Jakob, A. Brown, Participants

12h30 - 13h00    Closing Session

                            Decisions and Actions
                            C. Jakob, A. Brown

Participants & Contact Information

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Bacmeister, Julio NCAR juliob@ucar.edu
Baldauf, Michael Deutscher Wetterdienst michael.baldauf@dwd.de
Beland, Michel WMO michel.beland@ec.gc.ca
Brown, Andy Met Office andy.brown@metoffice.gov.uk
Brunet, Gilbert Environment Canada gilbert.brunet@ec.gc.ca
Busalacchi, Antonio ESSIC/UMD rbandy@essic.umd.edu
DeWitt, David IRI/Columbia University daved@iri.columbia.edu
Dietachmayer, Gary CAWCR / ABOM g.dietachmayer@bom.gov.au
Donner, Leo GFDL/NOAA leo.j.donner@noaa.gov
Fairall, Chris NOAA ESRL PSD chris.fairall@noaa.gov
Freitas, Saulo INPE saulo.freitas@cptec.inpe.br
Gleckler, Peter LLNL gleckler1@llnl.gov
Hack, James Oak Ridge National Laboratory jhack@ornl.gov
Hamill, Thomas NOAA/ESRL/PSD tom.hamill@noaa.gov
Jakob, Christian Monash University christian.jakob@monash.edu
Lapenta, William NOAA/NWS/NCEP bill.lapenta@noaa.gov
Moncrieff, Mitchell NCAR moncrief@ucar.edu
Muroi, Chiashi Japan Meteorological Agency cmuroi@met.kishou.go.jp
Nakazawa, Tetsuo WMO tnakazawa@wmo.int
Onvlee, Jeanette KNMI onvlee@knmi.nl
Park, Hoon Korea Meteorological Administration hoon@kma.go.kr
Petch, Jon Met Office Jon.Petch@MetOffice.gov.uk
Polavarapu, Saroja Environment Canada saroja.polavarapu@ec.gc.ca
Rabier, Florence CNRM-GAME, Meteo-France and CNRS florence.rabier@meteo.fr
Rixen, Michel WMO rixen@nurc.nato.int
Rosen, Richard NOAA Climate Program Office rick.rosen@noaa.gov
Santanello, Joseph NASA-GSFC Joseph.A.Santanello@nasa.gov
Shen, Xueshun China Meteorological Administration shenxs@cma.gov.cn
Siebesma, Pier KNMI / Delft University siebesma@knmi.nl
Svensson, Gunilla Stockholm University gunilla@misu.su.se
Teixeira, Joao JPL/Caltech teixeira@jpl.nasa.gov
Thepaut, Jean-Noel ECMWF jean-noel.thepaut@ecmwf.int
Tolstykh, Mikhail Hydrometcentre of Russia, Institute of Numerical MathematicsRAS mtolstykh@mail.ru
Waliser, Duane Jet Propulsion Laboratory duane.waliser@jpl.nasa.gov
Williams, Keith Met Office keith.williams@metoffice.gov.uk
Wilson, Laurence Environment Canada - WMO lawrence.wilson@ec.gc.ca
Zadra, Ayrton Environment Canada ayrton.zadra@ec.gc.ca