Energy Security

National Security and the Availability of Natural Resources

First world countries don’t spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about long-term power outages. Unless power goes down for a few days due to a hurricane or other severe weather, electricity is taken for granted. Even when it’s down, we know it will eventually be restored. Developing countries in Africa and Asia, however, suffer from energy and weather insecurity with severe droughts and floods affecting its unstable infrastructure.

Hydropower, or water, in these countries, is the key source of the energy supply, but its availability is not guaranteed. Climate and monsoons can cause the water supply that creates the countries’ power source to dry up or wash away.

NSAP scientists and engineers are poised to address this basic, yet life-saving problem in Africa and Asia. They are committed to customizing advanced warning systems and improving forecasting techniques to assist decision-makers in countries affected by weather extremes.

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Energy Security