Posters: Tips and Tricks

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NCAR/UCAR Brand Standards

This guide lays out logo usage, typography, colors, and more. This is your go-to document for guidance on creating a cohesive look across NCAR, UCAR, and all of our associated labs and programs. This document also provides links to templates.

NCAR/UCAR Poster Templates

Less is more

  • Main mistake is trying to fit too much on your poster
  • Use bullets and headlines
  • Let your poster breathe - white space
  • Remove anything that is not completely necessary

Your poster is a short story

  • Describe a few major points
  • Arouse the readerʼs interest to learn more
  • Limit it to 250 words
  • Logical flow: 3-4 columns; top to bottom, left to right


  • 2-3 colors, avoid too bright
  • No patterns or dark colors as the background (white is usually best)
  • Remember color blind users

Think big! REALLY BIG!

  • Short sweet title - 85 pt or bigger
  • Everything visible from 6' away
  • Nothing smaller than 24 pt text
  • Key points in large type

Font styles

  • Don't go crazy, 1-2 fonts
  • Use professional fonts (no comic sans)
Using Passenger Vehicles To Diagnose The Weather
Less is more


  • Simplify
  • Keep posters visual


  • Best: Adobe Illustrator or InDesign
  • Ok: PowerPoint

Last but not least

  • Find out the size requirements
  • Include acknowledgments and your contact info
  • Practice presenting poster
CO-FPS Poster
Graphic Design support is available anytime
from your RAL Communications group



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