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Project Namesort descending Related Program Related Focus Area(s)
Dual Polarization
Water Law and Institutions
Advanced Satellite Aviation Weather Products (ASAP) Program
Aircraft Ground Deicing
Alaska Ceiling and Visibility Analysis (CVA-AK) Product
Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)
Brunei LLWAS Acquisition
Common Support Services Weather (CSS-Wx)
Consolidated Storm Prediction for Aviation
Doppler Radar-based Wind Shear Detection
Ensemble Prediction of Oceanic Convective Hazards (EPOCH)
Ensemble Weather
Global Weather Hazards
Hydro-Terrestrial Earth Systems Testbed (HyTEST)
IHOP (Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, and Vegetation Observation Network)
Institutional Capacity For Climate Policies In Cities
IPCC - Climate Change - Impacts, Adaptation, Vulnerability
Joint Airport Weather Studies Project (JAWS)
Juneau Airport Wind System (JAWS)
Lightning Impacts on Aviation
Low Level Wind Shear Alert System (LLWAS)
Marshall Field Site
Medicine Bow and Sierra Madre Ranges
Meso-Microscale Coupling
Mobile Meteorology (MobileMet)
NCAR Turbulence Detection Algorithm (NTDA)
NCAR's Contribution To Wind And Solar Energy Prediction
Oceanic Convection Diagnosis and Nowcasting
Probabilistic Storm Prediction for Aviation
Probabilistic Weather Integration With Air Traffic Management
Radar Icing Algorithm (RadIA)
Realtime Object Based Model Evaluation
Seeded and Natural Orographic Wintertime clouds: the Idaho Experiment
SIMMER - Modeling of Extreme Heat Risk
South America Affinity Group (SAAG)
STEP Hydromet Experiment
Training And Capacity Building
Tropical Cyclone Research Model Testing + Evaluation (TCMT)
Turbulence Characterization
UAS Turbulence
Urban Populations' Capacity To Perceive And Respond To Risks
Urbanization Dynamics - Vulnerability and Risk
Weather Technology in the Cockpit
WRF-Hydro Modeling System