GEWEX Cloud System Study
Working Group 5, Polar Clouds


The GCSS (GEWEX Cloud System Studies) Working Group on Polar Clouds aims to improve the understanding and model parameterization of cloud, radiative, and boundary layer processes in the polar regions. The overall methodology is to conduct careful intercomparisons between models and observational case studies.

The primary working group activities focus on a wide range of modelling activities, although data analysis and integration and field studies play an integral role in the working group activities. Of central interest to the GCSS modelling effort are Cloud Resolving Models (CRMs) and Single Column Models (SCMs). General Circulation Models (GCMS) and process models (e.g. radiative transfer models) are also important to the GCSS modelling activities.

Email and this homepage will be the primary means of communication in organizing WG5 activities. To get involved in WG5 activities, please click on the Register button.

The Working Group on Polar Clouds is currently co-chaired by Dr Hugh Morrison (NCAR/MMM) and Dr James Pinto (NCAR/RAL). The group is currently focusing on improving the simulation of mixed-phase clouds using case study data sets obtained during SHEBA, FIRE_ACE and MPACE. Most recently the group has been focused on modeling Arctic mixed-phase clouds observed during MPACE. Two case studies have been developed and simulated by a number of different modeling centers organized by the ARM Cloud Working Group. See results of the model intercomparison project. Results and discussions on future directions will take place at the upcoming Pan-GCSS Meeting in Toulouse, France 2-6 June 2008 and the WMO-sponsored International Cloud Modeling Workshop in Cozumel, Mexico on 14-17 July 2008.

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