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Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) Virginia

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Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) Maryland

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Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) Utah

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Electronic Proving Ground (EPG) Arizona

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Cold Regions Test Center (CRTC) Alaska

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Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) Arizona

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Redstone Technical Test Center (RTTC) Alabama

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White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) New Mexico

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The products on these pages are no longer being updated for real-time operations.

Temperature Climatology

NEXRAD radars can measure radial winds when the temperature is above 50 F. This analysis shows the areas and months for which this condition is met over the continental US.

Continental US

Operational forecasts have been produced for predicting the possible transport and diffusion of hazardous material released into the atmosphere.

OKC Joint Urban

The Joint Urban 2003 Dispersion Experiment, which was conducted in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in July 2003, was the largest urban dispersion experiment in history with over 150 participants from a number of Government agencies, national laboratories, and universities.

Firefighter Weather

MM5 forecast enhanced with real-time four dimensional data assimilation. 4 km inner grid covering all of Colorado.
Real-Time FDDA Output
Image Viewer
Tabular Site Data

Hurricane Isabel

Real-Time FDDA Output
FDDA Image Viewer
Tabular Site Data

Point Mugu

Real-Time FDDA Output
FDDA Image Viewer
MEDOC - Domain 3

Pacific Range

Real-Time FDDA Output
FDDA Image Viewer
Tabular Site Data
MEDOC - Domain 3
MEDOC - Domain 4

Athens Olympics

Real-Time FDDA Output
FDDA Image Viewer
Tabular Site Data
MEDOC - Domain 3
MEDOC - Domain 4

Tracking Hurricane Isabel

Taken from Aberdeen Test Center RT-FDDA Model Run:
RT-FDDA Image Viewer (9/17/03 13Z - 9/20/03 23Z)

Predicting Rainfall for Missile Launch at PMRF

On 2/2/05, there was a two-hour window of opportunity in-between rain storms to launch a rocket:
Rain Conditions (06HST - 11HST)
Cloud Cover (07HST - 11HST)

Modeling Noise at Aberdeen Test Center

At ATC, met users can run traditional NAPS, ensemble NAPS or look at NAPS climatology (all run from RT-FDDA-generated soundings):
NAPS (5/18/05 13Z - 16Z)
NAPS - Using Ensembles (5/18/05 13Z - 16Z)
NAPS Climatology

Modeling a Plume at Dugway Proving Ground

At DPG, met users run SCIPUFF from RT-FDDA model output:
HPAC Output (2/6/04 00Z - 03Z)
Surface Concentration (6/15/05 12Z - 6/16/05 00Z)
Dosage (6/15/05 13Z - 6/16/05 00Z)

Thunderstorm Prediction at White Sands Missile Range

Radar images from Holloman AFB combined with WSMR surface readings drive the Autonowcaster:
Reflectivity (6/27/03 20Z - 6/28/03 00Z)
Convergence (6/27/03 20Z - 6/28/03 00Z)