Spatial Forecast Verification References

Page last updated on 29 August 2018. If you have a paper on spatial forecast verification that is missing from this list, or for any other errors or omissions, please let Eric Gilleland know.
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The following references are papers that either introduce a spatial forecast verification method, review the methods, or use one or more spatial methods. For overviews and reviews, see Brown et al. (2012), Ebert (2008), Rossa et al. (2008), Gilleland et al. (2009), Gilleland et al. (2010; BAMS), and Gilleland (2013).

This is by no means an exhaustive list of references, but should provide a good background to the issues concerning the ICP/MesoVICT projects, and all of the methods presently being compared; among others.

We have a special collection of papers for the ICP in the Weather and Forecasting (WAF) journal of the American Meteorological Society (see list below). Papers in the collection are marked by .

All of the references listed are also available in BibTeX format, where the cite key follows the format: AuthorLastNameYear (one author; e.g., Casati2009), Author1LastNameAuthor2LastNameYear (two authors; e.g., BriggsLevine1997), Author1LastNameEtAlYear (more than two authors; e.g., AhijevychEtAl2009). If the previous does not identify a unique paper in the list (e.g., Davis et al., 2006), then a lower case letter a, b, c, ... is appended to the end (e.g., DavisEtAl2006a and DavisEtAl2006b).

If you know of a paper that is not referenced here, but should be, please email Eric Gilleland.

MesoVICT is a project of the WMO Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification

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