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Radar Description

Five weather radars are being utilized for the program. The radars will:

  1. Continuously collect information on natural cloud characteristics
  2. Help direct the operations with the cloud physics aircraft
  3. Provide real time support for the operational seeding program

An essential part of the radar analysis will be to determine the number of storms occurring over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is important in order to understand characterize the storms that are observed in the study area. Using TITAN for analysis of typical lifetimes, sizes, diurnal cycle, and rainfall intensities is being conducted to develop storm climatology to determine if the storms are suitable for cloud seeding.

The polarimetric radar in Baha will be used to characterize the bulk microphysical properties of observed storms and to improve the radar estimates of rainfall.

Location and Data

Radars are located the cities of Abha, Baha, Jeddah, Jizan, and Taif (see map for locations). All the radars have Doppler capability. The radar in Baha also has polarimetric diversity. View radar data.