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AGU 2018 Presentations

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H11B-06 Using integrated, continental scale hydrologic simulation to unravel interconnections and feedbacks
Reed M Maxwell, Laura E Condon, Steven G Smith, Mary Michael Forrester, Danielle Tijerina, Lauren Foster, Katelyn FitzGerald, Caitlin Collins and David J Gochis

H23A-08 Hydro-DART: ensemble streamflow assimilations with WRF-Hydro and the Data Assimilation Research Testbed
Timothy J Hoar, Moha El Gharamti, James L McCreight and Arezoo Rafieeinasab,
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H31B-04 Use of Remotely Sensed Snow Observations for National Water Model Analysis.
Logan Ray Karsten, Kristoffer Aalstad, David Gochis, James L McCreight, Nai-Yu Wang, Gregory M Fall and Carrie Olheiser,

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H33G-01 Multi-variate evaluation of the NOAA National Water Model
David J Gochis, Brian Cosgrove, Aubrey L Dugger, Logan Karsten, Kevin Michael Sampson, James L McCreight, Trey Flowers, Edward P Clark, Tomislava Vukicevic, Fernando Salas, Katelyn FitzGerald, Arezoo Rafieeinasab, Michael J Barlage, Laura Read, David N Yates, Molly McAllister, Linlin Pan, Wei Yu, Yongxin Zhang and Erin Towler,

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NH33B-05 Investigation of flood modeling and inundation mapping techniques for Hurricane Harvey using the WRF-Hydro modeling framework
Laura K Read, Herbert E Longenecker III, Kevin Michael Sampson, David Gochis and Fernando Salas

H33G-02 NOAA’s National Water Model: An Update on Model Activities and Related Initiatives

Brian Cosgrove, David Gochis, Thomas Martin Graziano, Edward P Clark, Trey Flowers and Fred L Ogden,

H33G-03 A Cross-Scale, Hydro-Meteorological Forecast Evaluation of National Water Model Forecasts of the May 2018 Ellicott City, MD Flood
Francesca Viterbo, Kelly M Mahoney, Brian Cosgrove, David Gochis, Laura Read, Fernando Salas, Robert Cifelli and Jason Elliott,

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H33G-05 Customizing the National Water Model to meet Regional Needs for Water Prediction
Andrew Gronewold, Laura Read, David Gochis, Lacey Mason, Kevin Michael Sampson, Brian Cosgrove, Katelyn A FitzGerald, Aubrey L Dugger, James L McCreight, Chuliang Xiao and Eric J Anderson
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H34G-03 National Water Model Assessment for Reclamation’s Water Management Needs
Kenneth Nowak, Robert Cifelli, Mimi Hughes, Francesca Viterbo, Andrea Thorstensen, Lynn Johnson, David Gochis, Andrew W Wood, and Katharine Dahm

H34C-03 Evaluation of WRF/WRF-Hydro Coupling during an Extreme Weather Event in a Hyper Arid Region

Youssef Wehbe, Marouane Temimi, Michael Weston, Naira Chaouch, Oliver Branch, Thomas Schwitalla, Volker Wulfmeyer and Abdulla Al Mandous

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H34G-04 Disseminating CONUS National Water Model Simulation Data at Watershed Scales to Engage a Broad Community of Water Scientists
Anthony M Castronova, Danielle Tijerina, Aubrey L Dugger, Arezoo Rafieeinasab, Joe Mills, David Gochis

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H41D-03 Implementing the new WRF-Hydro v5.0 model for operational, highly localized land surface and streamflow predictions
Campbell Watson, Mukul Tewari, Lloyd A. Treinish and Harry Kolar

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H41B-03: Demonstrating the Added Values of Suction Losses for Channel Infiltration in WRF-Hydro Hydrologic Model and its Applications in Semiarid Region

 Yuan-Heng Wang, Pieter Hazenberg, Hoshin Gupta, Christopher L. Castro, Timothy M. Lahmers, Carl C. Unkrich, David C. Goodrich

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H44E-06 Hydrologic Classification as a New Approach to Parameter Regionalization for the National Water Model
Yuqiong Liu, Aubrey L Dugger, Arezoo Rafieeinasab, Xia Feng, Wanru Wu, Brian Cosgrove, Tomislava Vukicevic, Logan Ray Karsten, and David Gochis


H11V-0752 Sensitivity of the streamflow to dually-calibrated WRF-Hydro simulations in the Russian River Watershed
Rachel R Weihs, Ali Hamidi, Brian M Henn, Marty Ralph

H31I-2014 Regional scale ensemble streamflow assimilation with coupled WRF-Hydro and DART.
Arezoo Rafieeinasab, James L McCreight, Timothy J Hoar, Moha El Gharamti, Seongjin Noh, David Gochis
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H31I-2015: Assimilating Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT) Water Surface Elevations into the WRF-Hydro Modeling System in Alaska using HydroDART

Nicholas J. Elmer, James L. McCreight, Andrew Molthan, John Robert Mecikalski, Jordan R. Bell

GC33F-1430 Impact of water infrastructure on streamflow prediction with the WRF-Hydro modeling system

Kyeungwoo Cho, Jaehyeong Lee and Yeonjoo Kim

GC33F-1423: Understanding the impacts of climate change on hydrological water-cycle and water extremes

Jiali Wang and Veerabhadra Rao Kotamarthi

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H33H-2168: Bottom-up Flood Frequency Analysis using Stochastic Storm Transposition and WRF-Hydro in the context of nonstationarity

Guo Yu, Daniel B. Wright, Kathleen D. Holman

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H41I-2181 Catchments to Continents: Impacts of Spatially Variable Soil Depth Characterization on NOAA National Water Model Streamflow Prediction
Aubrey L Dugger, David Gochis and Michael J Barlage

H41P-2349 Improving hydrological simulations via the integration of remotely sensed data assimilation and coupling of the WRF-Hydro model with NASA’s Land Information System (LIS)
Chandana Gangodagamage, Sujay Kumar, Joseph A Santanello Jr, Aubrey L Dugger, David Gochis, Daniel Rosen, Rocky Rosen, Logan Karsten, Kevin Michael Sampson and Cecelia DeLuca

H41P-2331 Validation of WRF-Hydro simulated soil moisture at the watershed scale

Chen Zhao, Steven M Quiring

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H41P-0932 Conceptual Operation Schemes to Enhance the Representation of Reservoirs in the NOAA National Water Model
Jungho Kim, David Gochis, Laura Read, Lynn Johnson, Robert Cifelli, and V. Chandrasekar

H41P-2347 Enhancements to the WRF-Hydro Hydrologic Model Structure for Semi-arid Environments
Timothy M Lahmers, Pieter Hazenberg, Hoshin Gupta, Christopher L Castro, David Gochis, Aubrey L Dugger, David N Yates, Laura K Read, Logan Karsten, Yuan-Heng Wang, Robert J Zamora and Brian Cosgrove

H41P-2338 Augmenting Stream Gauges for Calibrating the NWM V2.0

Xia Feng, Aubrey L Dugger, Brian Cosgrove, Arezoo Rafieeinasab, Yuqiong Liu, Wanru Wu, Logan Ray Karsten and David Gochis,

H43D-2407 Investigating Parameter Sensitivity in WRF-Hydro for Streamflow Modeling over the North-Western Himalayan Basin
Ankur Dixit, Sandeep Sahany

H43D-2408 Streamflow drought with the calibrated WRF-Hydro in Korean Peninsula

Jaehyeong Lee and Yeonjoo Kim

H43E-2430 The Community WRF-Hydro Modeling System Version 5 melding with the National Water Model: Enhancements and Education
Molly McAllister, David Gochis, Michael J Barlage, Aubrey L Dugger, Katelyn FitzGerald, Logan Karsten, James L McCreight, Joe Mills, Linlin Pan, Arezoo Rafieeinasab, Laura Read, Kevin Michael Sampson, David N Yates, Wei Yu and Yongxin Zhang
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H41P-2333: Enhanced National Water Model predictions based on ensemble data assimilation andhigh performance computing

Mahkameh Zarekarizi and Hamid Moradkhani
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