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Applications World Wide

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Applications & Collaborations Around the World

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Operational Streamflow Forecasting

  • U.S. National Weather Service National Water Model (NOAA/NWS, National Water Center, USGS, CUAHSI)

  • Israel National Forecasting System (Israeli Hydrological Service)

  • State of Colorado Upper Rio Grande River Basin Water Supply Forecasting (Colorado Water Conservation Board, NOAA/NSSL)

  • NCAR-STEP Hydrometeorological Prediction; Colorado Front Range and central Argentina (NCAR)

  • Italy reservoir inflow forecasting (Univ. of Calabria)

  • Romania National Forecasting System (Baron)

Streamflow Prediction Research

  • Flash flooding in Black Sea region of Turkey (Univ. of Ankara)

  • Runoff production mechanisms in the North American Monsoon; Northwest Mexico (Arizona State Univ.)

  • Streamflow processes in West Africa; Nigeria, (Karlsruhe Inst. Tech.)

Diagnosing Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources

  • Himalayan Mountain Front (Bierknes Inst.)

  • Colorado Headwaters (Univ. of Colorado)

  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Dam Safety Group; across the western U.S.  (USBR, NOAA/CIRES)

  • Lake Tanganyika, Malawi, Water Supply (World Bank)

  • Climate change impacts on water resources in Patagonia, Chile (University of La Frontera)

Coupled Land-Atmosphere Processes

  • Diagnosing land-atmosphere coupling behavior in mountain-front regions of the U.S. (central and southern Rocky Mountains) and Mexico (Arizona State Univ., Univ. of Arizona)

  • Quantifying the impacts of winter orographic cloud seeding on water resources (Wyoming Board on Water Resources)

  • Predicting weather and flooding in the Philippines, Luzon Region (USAID, PAGASA, AECOM)

  • RELAMPAGO in Argentina (Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, NCAR)

Coupling WRF-Hydro with Coastal Process Models

  • Italy-Adriatic sea interactions (Univ. of Bologna)

  • Lower Mississippi River Valley (Louisiana State University)

  • Integrated hydrological modeling system for high-resolution coastal applications; U.S. Gulf Coast  (U.S. Navy, NOAA, NASA)

Diagnosing the Impacts of Disturbed Landscapes on Coupled Hydro-meteorological Predictions

  • Western U.S. Fires (USGS)

  • West African Monsoon (Karlsruhe Inst. Tech)

  • S. America Parana River (Univ. of Arizona)

  • Texas Dust Emissions (Texas A&M Univ.)

  • Landslide Hazard Modeling; Colorado Front Range (USGS)

Hydrologic Data Assimilation:

  • MODIS snow remote sensing assimilation for water supply prediction in the Western U.S. (Univ. of Colorado, Univ. of California Santa Barbara, NSIDC, NCAR)

  • WRF-Hydro/DART application in La Sierra River basins in southeast Mexico (Autonomous National University of Mexico)