WRF-Hydro Modeling System


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These materials are for use in the 11 January 2020 AMS Short Course. The 1-Day course is intended to provide an introduction and overview of the conceptualization, function & structure of the system with hands-on demonstration. It is not intended to be a full in-depth training. Please see our Training Webpage for the full online training suite and recommended up-coming workshops.


WRF-Hydro System Conceptualization & Component Overview
WRF-Hydro Implementation & Best Practices

Requirements for Online Utilities and Lessons: Docker Logo

Docker (Community) = > v.17.12 (currently we use
Web browser (Google Chrome recommended) for accessing the Jupyter notebooks/Jupyter Lab. 
Note: Each machine is different. You will need to alternate your Docker settings such as CPUs, Memory, and Disk Space allocations according to your machine to optimize runtime. If you find a bug or other technical issue please log it on the github issues site

Lessons walk you through model compilation and various model simulations with different configurations.
Click Here to download a .zip file of the completed lessons for reference