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Costa Rica Training

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Costa Rica Training

Training Materials for Costa Rica WRF-Hydro Training Workshop

21-23 August University of Costa Rica, San Jose  In conjunction with the OTREC Field Campaign


1_WRF-Hydro Modeling System Overview

2_WRF-Hydro Physics Components

3_Overview of WRF-Hydro GIS Pre-processing Tool

4_Overview of WRF-Hydro Forcing 

5_Overview of WRF-Hydro Coupling with WRF

6_WRF-Hydro Implementation & Best Practices

Presentation: GPS Precipitable Water: A Critical Variable in the Atmospheric Hydrological Cycle by David Adams

Requirements for Online Utilities and Lessons:

Docker (Community) = > v.17.12
Web browser (Google Chrome recommended) for accessing the Jupyter notebook. Note: Each machine is different. You will need to alternate your Docker settings such as CPUs, Memory, and Disk Space allocations according to your machine to optimize runtime. If you find a bug or other technical issue please log it on the github issues site

Lessons walk you through model compiliation and various model simulations with different configurations.

Click here for instructions on how to run the Stand Alone Costa Rica Test Case on your own with Docker

Click here to access a .zip file of HTML files of completed lessons for reference

Click Here to Access the WPS Geogrid and WRFinput Preprocessing Utility for Central America

Click here to Access the WRF-Hydro GIS Pre-processing Tool version 5 Tutorial Demo.screen shot of video page

This demo walks through the process of creating WRF-Hydro hydrologic routing input for the Croton New York example test case. It has a Spanish transcript available as well as closed captions in Spanish.

Documentacion WRF-Hydro V5.0 en Espanol
Descripción técnica del Sistema de modelado WRF-Hydro de NCAR
 Cómo compilar y ejecutar WRF-Hydro V5 en modo autónomo
 Guía del usuario de casos de prueba de WRF-Hydro V5
 Matriz de variables de salida de WRF-Hydro V5