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Francis, Diana, Jean-Pierre Chaboureau, Narendra Nelli, Juan Cuesta, Noor Alshamsi, Marouane Temimi, Olivier Pauluis, Lulin Xue, 2021: Summertime dust storms over the Arabian Peninsula and impacts on radiation, circulation, cloud development and rain. Atmospheric Research, OpenSky .

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Brunner, Manuela I, Daniel L Swain, Eric Gilleland, Andrew W Wood, 2021: Increasing importance of temperature as a contributor to the spatial extent of streamflow drought. Environmental Research Letters, OpenSky .

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Zhang, Lina, Juanzhen Sun, Zhuming Ying, Xian Xiao, 2021: Initiation and development of a squall line crossing Hangzhou Bay. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, OpenSky .

Zhang, Fan, Qinghong Zhang, Juanzhen Sun, 2021: Initiation of an elevated mesoscale convective system with the influence of complex terrain during Meiyu season. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, OpenSky .

Siddique, Ridwan, Alfonso Mejia, Naoki Mizukami, Richard N. Palmer, 2021: Impacts of global warming of 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0°C on hydrologic regimes in the Northeastern U.S.. Climate, OpenSky .

Brunner, Manuela I., Lieke A. Melsen, Andrew W. Wood, Oldrich Rakovec, Naoki Mizukami, Wouter J. M. Knoben, Martyn P. Clark, 2021: Flood spatial coherence, triggers, and performance in hydrological simulations: Large-sample evaluation of four streamflow-calibrated models. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, OpenSky .

Pokharel, Binod, S.-Y. Simon Wang, Hongping Gu, Matthew D. LaPlante, Jake Serago, Robert Gillies, Jonathan Meyer, Stephanie Beall, Kyoko Ikeda, 2021: A modeling examination of cloud seeding conditions under the warmer climate in Utah, USA. Atmospheric Research, OpenSky .

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Carroll, Rosemary W. H., David Gochis, Kenneth H. Williams, 2020: Efficiency of the summer monsoon in generating streamflow within a snow‐dominated headwater basin of the Colorado River. Geophysical Research Letters, OpenSky .

Valayamkunnath, Prasanth, Michael Barlage, Fei Chen, David J. Gochis, Kristie J. Franz, 2020: Mapping of 30-meter resolution tile-drained croplands using a geospatial modeling approach. Scientific Data, OpenSky .

Camelo, Jeane, Talea L. Mayo, Ethan D. Gutmann, 2020: Projected climate change impacts on hurricane storm surge inundation in the coastal United States. Frontiers in Built Environment, OpenSky .

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Xu, Liangtao, Lulin Xue, Istvan Geresdi, 2020: How does the melting impact charge separation in squall line? A bin microphysics simulation study. Geophysical Research Letters, OpenSky .

Jiang, Qianjing, Zhiming Qi, Fei Tang, Lulin Xue, Melissa Bukovsky, 2020: Modeling climate change impact on streamflow as affected by snowmelt in Nicolet River Watershed, Quebec. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, OpenSky .

Viterbo, Francesca, Laura Read, Kenneth Nowak, Andrew W. Wood, David Gochis, Robert Cifelli, Mimi Hughes, 2020: General assessment of the operational utility of National Water Model reservoir inflows for the Bureau of Reclamation facilities. Water, OpenSky .

Tang, Guoqiang, Martyn P. Clark, Andrew J. Newman, Andrew W. Wood, Simon Michael Papalexiou, Vincent Vionnet, Paul H. Whitfield, 2020: SCDNA: A serially complete precipitation and temperature dataset for North America from 1979 to 2018. Earth System Science Data, OpenSky .

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Chen, Sisi, Lulin Xue, Man-Kong Yau, 2020: Impact of aerosols and turbulence on cloud droplet growth: An in-cloud seeding case study using a parcel–DNS (direct numerical simulation) approach. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, OpenSky .

Chen, Jiao, Aiguo Dai, Yaocun Zhang, 2020: Linkage between projected precipitation and atmospheric thermodynamic changes. Journal of Climate, OpenSky .