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Jiang, Qianjing, Zhiming Qi, Lulin Xue, Melissa Bukovsky, Chandra A. Madramootoo, Ward Smith, 2020: Assessing climate change impacts on greenhouse gas emissions, N losses in drainage and crop production in a subsurface drained field. Science of the Total Environment, OpenSky .

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Planche, Céline, Frédéric Tridon, Sandra Banson, Gregory Thompson, Marie Monier, Alessandro Battaglia, Wolfram Wobrock, 2019: On the realism of the rain microphysics representation of a squall line in the WRF Model. Part II: Sensitivity studies on the rain drop size distributions. Monthly Weather Review, OpenSky .

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Jiang, Yingsha, Fei Chen, Yanhong Gao, Michael J. Barlage, Jianduo Li, 2019: Using multisource satellite data to assess recent snow-cover variability and uncertainty in the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau. Journal of Hydrometeorology, OpenSky .