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Gallus, William A., Jamie K. Wolff, John E. Halley Gotway, Michelle Harrold, Lindsay Blank, Jeff Beck, 2019: The impacts of using mixed physics in the Community Leveraged Unified Ensemble. Weather and Forecasting, OpenSky .

Gilleland, Eric, Melissa Bukovsky, Christopher L. Williams, Seth A. McGinnis, Caspar Ammann, Barbara G. Brown, Linda O. Mearns, 2019: A spatial propinquity extreme-value model for assessing large-scale process extremes in future climates. OpenSky .

Jankov, Isidora, Jeffrey Beck, Jamie K. Wolff, Michelle Harrold, Joseph B. Olson, Tatiana Smirnova, Curtis Alexander, Judith Berner, 2019: Stochastically perturbed parameterizations in an HRRR-based ensemble. Monthly Weather Review, OpenSky .

Roy, Tirthankar, J. Alejandro Martinez, Julio E. Herrera-Estrada, Yu Zhang, Francina Dominguez, Alexis Berg, Mike Ek, Eric F. Wood, 2019: Role of moisture transport and recycling in characterizing droughts: Perspectives from two recent U.S. droughts and the CFSv2 system. Journal of Hydrometeorology, OpenSky .