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Prein, Andreas F., Changhai Liu, Kyoko Ikeda, Randy Bullock, Roy M. Rasmussen, Greg J. Holland, Martyn Clark, 2020: Simulating North American mesoscale convective systems with a convection-permitting climate model. Climate Dynamics, OpenSky .

Kato, Seiji, David A. Rutan, Fred G. Rose, Thomas E. Caldwell, Seung-Hee Ham, Alexander Radkevich, Tyler J. Thorsen, Antonio Viudez-Mora, David Fillmore, Xianglei Huang, 2020: Uncertainty in satellite-derived surface irradiances and challenges in producing surface radiation budget climate data record. Remote Sensing, OpenSky .

Ghude, Sachin D., Rajesh Kumar, Chinmay Jena, Sreyashi Debnath, Rachana G. Kulkarni, Stefano Alessandrini, Mrinal Biswas, Santosh Kulkrani, Prakash Pithani, Saurab Kelkar, Veeresh Sajjan, D.M. Chate, V.K. Soni, Siddhartha Singh, Ravi S. Nanjundiah, M. Rajeevan, 2020: Evaluation of PM2.5 forecast using chemical data assimilation in the WRF-CHEM model: A novel initiative under the ministry of earth sciences air quality early warning system for Delhi, India. Current Science, OpenSky .

He, Xinlei, Tongren Xu, Sayed M. Bateni, Michael Ek, Shaomin Liu, Fei Chen, 2020: Mapping regional evapotranspiration in cloudy skies via variational assimilation of all-weather land surface temperature observations. Journal of Hydrology, OpenSky .

Beck, Jeffrey, John Brown, Jimy Dudhia, David Gill, Tracy Hertneky, Joseph Klemp, Wei Wang, Christopher Williams, Ming Hu, Eric James, Jaymes Kenyon, Tanya Smirnova, Jung-Hoon Kim, 2020: An evaluation of a hybrid, terrain-following vertical coordinate in the WRF-based RAP and HRRR models. Weather and Forecasting, OpenSky .

Biswas, Mrinal K., Jun A. Zhang, Evelyn Grell, Evan Kalina, Kathryn Newman, Ligia Bernardet, Laurie Carson, James Frimel, Georg Grell, 2020: Evaluation of the Grell–Freitas convective scheme in the Hurricane Weather Research and Forecasting (HWRF) model. Weather and Forecasting, OpenSky .

Tajfar, E., S.M. Bateni, V. Lakshmi, Michael Ek, 2020: Estimation of surface heat fluxes via variational assimilation of land surface temperature, air temperature and specific humidity into a coupled land surface-atmospheric boundary layer model. Journal of Hydrology, OpenSky .

Kosovic, Branko, Sue Ellen Haupt, Daniel Adriaansen, Stefano Alessandrini, Gerry Wiener, Luca Delle Monache, Yubao Liu, Seth Linden, Tara Jensen, William Cheng, Marcia Politovich, Paul Prestopnik, 2020: A comprehensive wind power forecasting system integrating artificial intelligence and numerical weather prediction. Energies, OpenSky .

Ren, Yifang, Jun A. Zhang, Jonathan L. Vigh, Ping Zhu, Hailong Liu, Xiang Wang, Joshua B. Wadler, 2020: An observational study of the symmetric boundary layer structure and tropical cyclone intensity. Atmosphere, OpenSky .

Gallo, Burkely T., Christina P. Kalb, John E. Halley Gotway, Henry H. Fisher, Brett Roberts, Israel L. Jirak, Adam J. Clark, Curtis Alexander, Tara L. Jensen, 2019: Initial development and testing of a convection-allowing model scorecard. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, OpenSky .

Tye, Mari R., Sue Ellen Haupt, Eric Gilleland, Christina Kalb, Tara Jensen, 2019: Assessing evidence for weather regimes governing solar power generation in Kuwait. Energies, OpenSky .

Lv, Zhemin, Shaobo Zhang, Jiming Jin, Yihua Wu, Michael B. Ek, 2019: Coupling of a physically based lake model into the climate forecast system to improve winter climate forecasts for the Great Lakes region. Climate Dynamics, OpenSky .

Yin, Jifu, Christopher R. Hain, Xiwu Zhan, Jiarui Dong, Michael Ek, 2019: Improvements in the forecasts of near-surface variables in the Global Forecast System (GFS) via assimilating ASCAT soil moisture retrievals. Journal of Hydrology, OpenSky .