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Hung, Wei-Ting, Cheng-Hsuan (Sarah) Lu, Stefano Alessandrini, Rajesh Kumar, Chin-An Lin, 2021: The impacts of transported wildfire smoke aerosols on surface air quality in New York State: A multi-year study using machine learning. Atmospheric Environment, OpenSky.

Lewis, William E., Timothy L. Olander, Christopher S. Velden, Christopher Rozoff, Stefano Alessandrini, 2021: Analog ensemble methods for improving satellite-based intensity estimates of tropical cyclones. Atmosphere, OpenSky.

Stellingwerf, Sippora, Emily Riddle, Thomas M. Hopson, Jason C. Knievel, Barbara Brown, Mekonnen Gebremichael, 2021: Optimizing precipitation forecasts for hydrological catchments in Ethiopia using statistical bias correction and multi‐modeling. Earth and Space Science, OpenSky.

Muñoz‐Esparza, Domingo, Hyeyum Hailey Shin, Jeremy A. Sauer, Matthias Steiner, Patrick Hawbecker, Jennifer Boehnert, James O. Pinto, Branko Kosović, Robert D. Sharman, 2021: Efficient graphics processing unit modeling of street‐scale weather effects in support of aerial operations in the urban environment. AGU Advances, OpenSky.

Brasseur, Guy P., Rajesh Kumar, 2021: Chemical weather and chemical climate. AGU Advances, OpenSky.

Ding, Jin, Lan Cuo, Yongxin Zhang, Cunjie Zhang, Liqiao Liang, Zhe Liu, 2021: Annual and seasonal precipitation and their extremes over the Tibetan Plateau and its surroundings in 1963–2015. Atmosphere, OpenSky.

Zardi, Dino, Marco Falocchi, Lorenzo Giovannini, Werner Tirler, Elena Tomasi, Gianluca Antonacci, Enrico Ferrero, Stefano Alessandrini, Pedro A. Jimenez, Branko Kosovic, Luca Delle Monache, 2021: The Bolzano Tracer Experiment (BTEX). Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, OpenSky.

Chouza, Fernando, Thierry Leblanc, Mark Brewer, Patrick Wang, Sabina Piazzolla, Gabriele Pfister, Rajesh Kumar, Carl Drews, Simone Tilmes, Louisa Emmons, Matthew Johnson, 2021: The impact of Los Angeles Basin pollution and stratospheric intrusions on the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains as seen by surface measurements, lidar, and numerical models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, OpenSky.

Brown, Barbara, Tara Jensen, John Halley Gotway, Randy Bullock, Eric Gilleland, Tressa Fowler, Kathryn Newman, Dan Adriaansen, Lindsay Blank, Tatiana Burek, Michelle Harrold, Tracy Hertneky, Christina Kalb, Paul Kucera, Louisa Nance, John Opatz, Jonathan Vigh, Jamie Wolff, 2021: The Model Evaluation Tools (MET): More than a decade of community-supported forecast verification. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, OpenSky.

Gul, Chaman, Parth Sarathi Mahapatra, Shichang Kang, Praveen Kumar Singh, Xiaokang Wu, Cenlin He, Rajesh Kumar, Mukesh Rai, Yangyang Xu, Siva Praveen Puppala, 2021: Black carbon concentration in the central Himalayas: Impact on glacier melt and potential source contribution. Environmental Pollution, OpenSky.

Bhardwaj, Piyush, Rajesh Kumar, Jessica Seddon, 2021: Interstate transport of carbon monoxide and black carbon over India. Atmospheric Environment, OpenSky.

Buchholz, Rebecca R., Helen M. Worden, Mijeong Park, Gene Francis, Merritt N. Deeter, David P. Edwards, Louisa K. Emmons, Benjamin Gaubert, John Gille, Sara Martínez-Alonso, Wenfu Tang, Rajesh Kumar, James R. Drummond, Cathy Clerbaux, Maya George, Pierre-François Coheur, Daniel Hurtmans, Kevin W. Bowman, Ming Luo, Vivienne H. Payne, John R. Worden, Mian Chin, Robert C. Levy, Juying Warner, Zigang Wei, Susan S. Kulawik, 2021: Air pollution trends measured from Terra: CO and AOD over industrial, fire-prone, and background regions. Remote Sensing of Environment, OpenSky .

Drews, Carl, Gabriele Pfister, Rajesh Kumar, Garth D'Attilo, Shawn Honomichl, Rebecca Hornbrook, Louisa Emmons, 2021: ACOM dispatcher to plot near-real-time forecasts of chemical weather. OpenSky .

Kumar, Rajesh, Douglas A. Mitchell, Daniel F. Steinhoff, Pablo Saide, Branko Kosovic, Nicole Downey, Doug Blewitt, Luca Delle Monache, 2021: Evaluating the Mobile Flux Plane (MFP) Method to estimate methane emissions using Large Eddy Simulations (LES). Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, OpenSky .

Cuo, Lan, Yongxin Zhang, Xu-Ri, Bingrong Zhou, 2021: Decadal change and inter-annual variability of net primary productivity on the Tibetan Plateau. Climate Dynamics, OpenSky .

Amicarelli, Andrea, Stefano Alessandrini, Giordano Agate, Enrico Ferrero, Guido Pirovano, Gianni Luigi Tinarelli, Silvia Trini Castelli, 2021: A dry deposition scheme for particulate matter coupled with a well-known Lagrangian Stochastic model for pollutant dispersion. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, OpenSky.

He, Cenlin, Olivia Clifton, Emmi Felker-Quinn, S. Ryan Fulgham, Julieta F. Juncosa Calahorrano, Danica Lombardozzi, Gemma Purser, Mj Riches, Rebecca Schwantes, Wenfu Tang, Benjamin Poulter, Allison L. Steiner, 2021: Interactions between air pollution and terrestrial ecosystems: Perspectives on challenges and future directions. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, OpenSky.

Jiang, Yingsha, Yanhong Gao, Cenlin He, Benli Liu, Yongjie Pan, Xia Li, 2021: Spatiotemporal distribution and variation of wind erosion over the Tibetan Plateau based on a coupled land-surface wind-erosion model. Aeolian Research, OpenSky .

Rohat, Guillaume, Olga Wilhelmi, Johannes Flacke, Andrew Monaghan, Jing Gao, Martin van Maarseveen, Hy Dao, 2021: Assessing urban heat-related adaptation strategies under multiple futures for a major U.S. city. Climatic Change, OpenSky .

Huang, Kangning, Xuhui Lee, Brian Stone, Jason Knievel, Michelle L. Bell, Karen C. Seto, 2021: Persistent increases in nighttime heat stress from urban expansion despite heat island mitigation. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, OpenSky .

Kumar, Rajesh, Piyush Bhardwaj, Gabriele Pfister, Carl Drews, Shawn Honomichl, Garth D’Attilo, 2021: Description and evaluation of the fine particulate matter forecasts in the NCAR Regional Air Quality Forecasting System. Atmosphere, OpenSky .

Raman, Aishwarya, Avelino F. Arellano, Luca Delle Monache, Stefano Alessandrini, Rajesh Kumar, 2021: Exploring analog-based schemes for aerosol optical depth forecasting with WRF-Chem. Atmospheric Environment, OpenSky .

Lai, Tsz-Kin, Eric A. Hendricks, Konstantinos Menelaou, M. K. Yau, 2021: Roles of barotropic instability across the moat in inner eyewall decay and outer eyewall intensification: Three-dimensional numerical experiments. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, OpenSky .