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Horak, Johannes, Marlis Hofer, Ethan Gutmann, Alexander Gohm, Mathias W. Rotach, 2021: A process-based evaluation of the Intermediate Complexity Atmospheric Research Model (ICAR) 1.0.1. Geoscientific Model Development, OpenSky.

Kumar, Rajesh, Douglas A. Mitchell, Daniel F. Steinhoff, Pablo Saide, Branko Kosovic, Nicole Downey, Doug Blewitt, Luca Delle Monache, 2021: Evaluating the Mobile Flux Plane (MFP) Method to estimate methane emissions using Large Eddy Simulations (LES). Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, OpenSky .

Barlage, Michael, Fei Chen, Roy Rasmussen, Zhe Zhang, Gonzalo Miguez‐Macho, 2021: The importance of scale‐dependent groundwater processes in land‐atmosphere interactions over the central United States. Geophysical Research Letters, OpenSky.

Wang, Yuting, Yong-Feng Ma, Domingo Muñoz-Esparza, Cathy W. Y. Li, Mary Barth, Tao Wang, Guy P. Brasseur, 2021: The impact of inhomogeneous emissions and topography on ozone photochemistry in the vicinity of Hong Kong Island. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, OpenSky .

Cuo, Lan, Yongxin Zhang, Xu-Ri, Bingrong Zhou, 2021: Decadal change and inter-annual variability of net primary productivity on the Tibetan Plateau. Climate Dynamics, OpenSky .

Amicarelli, Andrea, Stefano Alessandrini, Giordano Agate, Enrico Ferrero, Guido Pirovano, Gianni Luigi Tinarelli, Silvia Trini Castelli, 2021: A dry deposition scheme for particulate matter coupled with a well-known Lagrangian Stochastic model for pollutant dispersion. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, OpenSky.

Francis, Diana, Jean-Pierre Chaboureau, Narendra Nelli, Juan Cuesta, Noor Alshamsi, Marouane Temimi, Olivier Pauluis, Lulin Xue, 2021: Summertime dust storms over the Arabian Peninsula and impacts on radiation, circulation, cloud development and rain. Atmospheric Research, OpenSky .

Temel, Orkun, Cem Berk Senel, Sara Porchetta, Domingo Muñoz-Esparza, Michael A. Mischna, Tim Van Hoolst, Jeroen van Beeck, Özgür Karatekin, 2021: Large eddy simulations of the Martian convective boundary layer: Towards developing a new planetary boundary layer scheme. Atmospheric Research, OpenSky .

Jiang, Yingsha, Yanhong Gao, Cenlin He, Benli Liu, Yongjie Pan, Xia Li, 2021: Spatiotemporal distribution and variation of wind erosion over the Tibetan Plateau based on a coupled land-surface wind-erosion model. Aeolian Research, OpenSky .

Wang, Jie, Fei Chen, Quang-Van Doan, Youpeng Xu, 2021: Exploring the effect of urbanization on hourly extreme rainfall over Yangtze River Delta of China. Urban Climate, OpenSky.

Huang, Kangning, Xuhui Lee, Brian Stone, Jason Knievel, Michelle L. Bell, Karen C. Seto, 2021: Persistent increases in nighttime heat stress from urban expansion despite heat island mitigation. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, OpenSky .

Rohat, Guillaume, Olga Wilhelmi, Johannes Flacke, Andrew Monaghan, Jing Gao, Martin van Maarseveen, Hy Dao, 2021: Assessing urban heat-related adaptation strategies under multiple futures for a major U.S. city. Climatic Change, OpenSky .

Kumar, Rajesh, Piyush Bhardwaj, Gabriele Pfister, Carl Drews, Shawn Honomichl, Garth D’Attilo, 2021: Description and evaluation of the fine particulate matter forecasts in the NCAR Regional Air Quality Forecasting System. Atmosphere, OpenSky .

Pinto, James O., Anders A. Jensen, Pedro A. Jiménez, Tracy Hertneky, Domingo Muñoz-Esparza, Arnaud Dumont, Matthias Steiner, 2021: Real-time WRF large-eddy simulations to support uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) flight planning and operations during 2018 LAPSE-RATE. Earth System Science Data, OpenSky .

Kalina, Evan A., Mrinal K. Biswas, Jun A. Zhang, Kathryn M. Newman, 2021: Sensitivity of an idealized tropical cyclone to the configuration of the global forecast system-eddy diffusivity mass flux planetary boundary layer scheme. Atmosphere, OpenSky .

Gilleland, Eric, 2021: A new spatial alignment summary measure for high resolution gridded forecast verification. OpenSky .

Gilleland, Eric, 2021: Novel measures for summarizing high-resolution forecast performance. Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and Oceanography, OpenSky .

Li, Rumeng, Qinghong Zhang, Juanzhen Sun, Yun Chen, Lili Ding, Tian Wang, 2021: Smartphone pressure data: Quality control and impact on atmospheric analysis. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, OpenSky .

Gbode, Imoleayo E., Kehinde O. Ogunjobi, Jimy Dudhia, Vincent O. Ajayi, Changhai Liu, 2021: Impacts of global warming on West African monsoon rainfall: Downscaling by pseudo global warming method. Atmospheric Research, OpenSky .

Lai, Tsz-Kin, Eric A. Hendricks, Konstantinos Menelaou, M. K. Yau, 2021: Roles of barotropic instability across the moat in inner eyewall decay and outer eyewall intensification: Three-dimensional numerical experiments. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, OpenSky .

Brunner, Manuela I, Daniel L Swain, Eric Gilleland, Andrew W Wood, 2021: Increasing importance of temperature as a contributor to the spatial extent of streamflow drought. Environmental Research Letters, OpenSky .

Raman, Aishwarya, Avelino F. Arellano, Luca Delle Monache, Stefano Alessandrini, Rajesh Kumar, 2021: Exploring analog-based schemes for aerosol optical depth forecasting with WRF-Chem. Atmospheric Environment, OpenSky .

Newman, Andrew J., Andrew J. Monaghan, Martyn P. Clark, Kyoko Ikeda, Lulin Xue, Ethan D. Gutmann, Jeffrey R. Arnold, 2021: Hydroclimatic changes in Alaska portrayed by a high-resolution regional climate simulation. Climatic Change, OpenSky .

Siddique, Ridwan, Alfonso Mejia, Naoki Mizukami, Richard N. Palmer, 2021: Impacts of global warming of 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0°C on hydrologic regimes in the Northeastern U.S.. Climate, OpenSky .

Brunner, Manuela I., Lieke A. Melsen, Andrew W. Wood, Oldrich Rakovec, Naoki Mizukami, Wouter J. M. Knoben, Martyn P. Clark, 2021: Flood spatial coherence, triggers, and performance in hydrological simulations: Large-sample evaluation of four streamflow-calibrated models. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, OpenSky .

Mazzola, T., S. Hanna, J. Chang, S. Bradley, R. Meris, S. Simpson, S. Miner, S. Gant, Jeffrey Weil, M. Harper, J. Nikmo, J. Kukkonen, J.-M. Lacome, M. Nibart, O. Björnham, S. Khajehnajafi, K. Habib, P. Armand, T. Bauer, L. Fabbri, T. Spicer, N. Ek, 2021: Results of comparisons of the predictions of 17 dense gas dispersion models with observations from the Jack Rabbit II chlorine field experiment. Atmospheric Environment, OpenSky .

Mishra, A.K., B. Sinha, Rajesh Kumar, Mary Barth, H. Hakkim, V. Kumar, A. Kumar, S. Datta, A. Guenther, V. Sinha, 2021: Cropland trees need to be included for accurate model simulations of land-atmosphere heat fluxes, temperature, boundary layer height, and ozone. Science of The Total Environment, OpenSky .

Yuan, Guanghui, Lei Zhang, Yubao Liu, 2021: Impacts of soil moisture and atmospheric moisture transport on the precipitation in two typical regions of China. Atmospheric Research, OpenSky .

Pokharel, Binod, S.-Y. Simon Wang, Hongping Gu, Matthew D. LaPlante, Jake Serago, Robert Gillies, Jonathan Meyer, Stephanie Beall, Kyoko Ikeda, 2021: A modeling examination of cloud seeding conditions under the warmer climate in Utah, USA. Atmospheric Research, OpenSky .

Li, Chaoliu, Fangping Yan, Shichang Kang, Caiqing Yan, Zhaofu Hu, Pengfei Chen, Shaopeng Gao, Chao Zhang, Cenlin He, Susan Kaspari, Aron Stubbins, 2021: Carbonaceous matter in the atmosphere and glaciers of the Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau: An investigative review. Environment International, OpenSky .



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