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Sun, Tao, Yaodeng Chen, Juanzhen Sun, Hongli Wang, Haiqin Chen, Yuanbing Wang, Deming Meng, 2020: A multi-time-scale four-dimensional variational data assimilation scheme and its application to simulated radial velocity and reflectivity data. Monthly Weather Review, 10.1175/MWR-D-19-0203.1 .

Sun, Juanzhen, Ying Zhang, Junmei Ban, Jing-Shan Hong, Chung-Yi Lin, 2020: Impact of combined assimilation of radar and rainfall data on short-term heavy rainfall prediction: A case study. Monthly Weather Review, 10.1175/MWR-D-19-0337.1 .

Kulkarni, Santosh H., Sachin D. Ghude, Chinmay Jena, Rama K. Karumuri, Baerbel Sinha, V. Sinha, Rajesh Kumar, V. K. Soni, Manoj Khare, 2020: How much does large-scale crop residue burning affect the air quality in Delhi?. Environmental Science & Technology, OpenSky .

Gao, Meng, Jinhui Gao, Bin Zhu, Rajesh Kumar, Xiao Lu, Shaojie Song, Yuzhong Zhang, Beixi Jia, Peng Wang, Gufran Beig, Jianlin Hu, Qi Ying, Hongliang Zhang, Peter Sherman, Michael B. McElroy, 2020: Ozone pollution over China and India: seasonality and sources. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, OpenSky .

Newman, Andrew J., Martyn P. Clark, 2020: TIER version 1.0: An open-source Topographically InformEd Regression (TIER) model to estimate spatial meteorological fields. Geoscientific Model Development, OpenSky .

Glasheen, Katherine, James Pinto, Matthias Steiner, Eric Frew, 2020: Assessment of finescale local wind forecasts using small unmanned aircraft systems. Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, OpenSky .

Gilleland, Eric, Gregor Skok, Barbara G. Brown, Barbara Casati, Manfred Dorninger, Marion P. Mittermaier, Nigel Roberts, Laurence J. Wilson, 2020: A novel set of geometric verification test fields with application to distance measures. Monthly Weather Review, OpenSky .

Wang, Chen, Yun Qian, Qingyun Duan, Maoyi Huang, Larry K. Berg, Hyeyum H. Shin, Zhe Feng, Ben Yang, Jiping Quan, Songyou Hong, Junhua Yan, 2020: Assessing the sensitivity of land-atmosphere coupling strength to boundary and surface layer parameters in the WRF model over Amazon. Atmospheric Research, OpenSky .

Kim, Soo-Hyun, Hye-Yeong Chun, Jung-Hoon Kim, Robert D. Sharman, Matt Strahan, 2020: Retrieval of eddy dissipation rate from derived equivalent vertical gust included in Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay (AMDAR). Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, OpenSky .

Friedrich, Katja, Kyoko Ikeda, Sarah A. Tessendorf, Jeffrey R. French, Robert M. Rauber, Bart Geerts, Lulin Xue, Roy M. Rasmussen, Derek R. Blestrud, Melvin L. Kunkel, Nicholas Dawson, Shaun Parkinson, 2020: Quantifying snowfall from orographic cloud seeding. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, OpenSky .

Jiang, Qianjing, Zhiming Qi, Lulin Xue, Melissa Bukovsky, Chandra A. Madramootoo, Ward Smith, 2020: Assessing climate change impacts on greenhouse gas emissions, N losses in drainage and crop production in a subsurface drained field. Science of the Total Environment, OpenSky .

Zhang, Zhe, Yanping Li, Michael Barlage, Fei Chen, Gonzalo Miguez-Macho, Andrew Ireson, Zhenhua Li, 2020: Modeling groundwater responses to climate change in the Prairie Pothole Region. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, OpenSky .

Broman, Daniel, Balaji Rajagopalan, Thomas Hopson, Mekonnen Gebremichael, 2020: Spatial and temporal variability of East African Kiremt season precipitation and large‐scale teleconnections. International Journal of Climatology, OpenSky .

Mitchell, Meghan J., Brian Ancell, Jared A. Lee, Nicholas H. Smith, 2020: Configuration of Statistical Postprocessing Techniques for Improved Low-Level Wind Speed Forecasts in West Texas. Weather and Forecasting, OpenSky .

Han, Lei, Juanzhen Sun, Wei Zhang, 2020: Convolutional neural network for convective storm nowcasting using 3-D doppler weather radar data. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, OpenSky .

Li, Lei, Chao Lu, Pak-Wai Chan, Xuan Zhang, Hong-Long Yang, Zi-Juan Lan, Wen-Hai Zhang, Yue-Wei Liu, Laura Pan, Li Zhang, 2020: Tower observed vertical distribution of PM2.5, O3 and NOx in the Pearl River Delta. Atmospheric Environment, OpenSky .

Lehner, Flavio, Andrew W. Wood, Julie A. Vano, David M. Lawrence, Martyn P. Clark, Justin S. Mankin, 2019: The potential to reduce uncertainty in regional runoff projections from climate models. Nature Climate Change, OpenSky .

Yi, Kan, Jing Meng, Haozhe Yang, Cenlin He, Daven K. Henze, Junfeng Liu, Dabo Guan, Zhu Liu, Lin Zhang, Xi Zhu, Yanli Cheng, Shu Tao, 2019: The cascade of global trade to large climate forcing over the Tibetan Plateau glaciers. Nature Communications, OpenSky .

Rohat, Guillaume, Olga Wilhelmi, Johannes Flacke, Andrew Monaghan, Jing Gao, Hy Dao, Martin van Maarseveen, 2019: Characterizing the role of socioeconomic pathways in shaping future urban heat-related challenges. Science of The Total Environment, OpenSky .

Wang, Bo, Gabriele Pfister, Shi Kuang, Matthew Johnson, Rajesh Kumar, Carl Drews, Michael J. Newchurch, 2019: Evaluation of the Regional NCAR Air Quality Forecasting System using ground-based ozone lidar during FIREX-AQ. OpenSky .

Trenberth, Kevin E., Yongxin Zhang, 2019: Observed interhemispheric meridional heat transports and the role of the Indonesian Throughflow in the Pacific Ocean. Journal of Climate, OpenSky .

Fanfarillo, Alessandro, 2019: Quantifying uncertainty in source term estimation with tensorflow probability. Proceedings of UrgentHPC: The first international workshop on HPC for urgent decision making, OpenSky .

Zovko-Rajak, Dragana, Todd P. Lane, Robert D. Sharman, Stanley B. Trier, 2019: The role of gravity wave breaking in a case of upper-level near-cloud turbulence. Monthly Weather Review, OpenSky .

Michael, Ryan, Cassandra R. O’Lenick, Andrew Monaghan, Olga Wilhelmi, Christine Wiedinmyer, Mary Hayden, Mark Estes, 2019: Application of geostatistical approaches to predict the spatio-temporal distribution of summer ozone in Houston, Texas. Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology, OpenSky .

Lv, Zhemin, Shaobo Zhang, Jiming Jin, Yihua Wu, Michael B. Ek, 2019: Coupling of a physically based lake model into the climate forecast system to improve winter climate forecasts for the Great Lakes region. Climate Dynamics, OpenSky .

Lackmann, Gary M., Gregory Thompson, 2019: Hydrometeor lofting and mesoscale snowbands. Monthly Weather Review, OpenSky .

Tomasi, Elena, Lorenzo Giovannini, Marco Falocchi, Gianluca Antonacci, Pedro A. Jiménez, Branko Kosovic, Stefano Alessandrini, Dino Zardi, Luca Delle Monache, Enrico Ferrero, 2019: Turbulence parameterizations for dispersion in sub-kilometer horizontally non-homogeneous flows. Atmospheric Research, OpenSky .

Heaton, M. J., C. R. Olenick, Olga Wilhelmi, 2019: Age‐specific distributed lag models for heat‐related mortality. Environmetrics, OpenSky .

Parry, Luke, Claudia Radel, Susana B. Adamo, Nigel Clark, Miriam Counterman, Nadia Flores-Yeffal, Diego Pons, Patricia Romero-Lankao, Jason Vargo, 2019: The (in)visible health risks of climate change. Social Science & Medicine, OpenSky .

Chen, Liang, Yanping Li, Fei Chen, Michael J. Barlage, Zhe Zhang, Zhenhua Li, 2019: Using 4-km WRF CONUS simulations to assess impacts of the surface coupling strength on regional climate simulation. Climate Dynamics, OpenSky .



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