These parameter are functions of soil-category index
BB:B parameter [units??] (Any more descriptive documentation?)
DRYSMC:Dry soil moisture threshold at which direct evaporation from top soil layer ends [volumetric fraction]
F11:Soil thermal diffusivity/conductivity coefficient [units??] (Unused in Noah LSM?)
MAXSMC:Saturation soil moisture content (i.e., porosity) [volumetric fraction]
REFSMC:Reference soil moisture (field capacity), where transpiration begins to stress [volumetric fraction]
SATPSI:Saturation soil matric potential [units??]
SATDK:Saturation soil conductivity [units??]
SATDW:Saturation soil diffusivity [units??]
WLTSMC:Wilting point soil moisture [volumetric fraction]
QTZ:Soil quartz content [units??]