Weather Observations and Improvement

Extreme Conditions Make the Perfect Testbed

The Marshall Field Site is an outdoor experimental lab ideally located at the base of the foothills and is run and maintained by NCAR’s Research Applications Laboratory (RAL). It comprises 70+-acres of open space southeast of Boulder that is exposed to roaring winds, freezing rain, blinding blizzards, scorching summer heat.

Over 50 years ago, NCAR’s sponsor, the National Science Foundation, saw this real estate for what it has proven to be: a meteorological gold mine. Presciently, NSF leased, then purchased the Marshall Field Site for research and testing purposes. It has a long record of instrument development, testing and refinement, starting with winter weather research supporting FAA operations extending to the development of an automated international standard for snowfall measurement. This site serves many users, including private meteorological companies, to federal agencies and research universities. 

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Weather Observations and Improvement