Regional Climate Analysis and Impact

Regional Climate Analysis and Impact

The Regional Climate Science for Adaptation (RC4A) Project uses climate science across time scales from weather to climate as well as spatial scales from global to local. The best available predictions and projections information is evaluated and then translated for users in a useful and usable fashion to facilitate robust adaptation and planning for climate variability and change around the world.

The projects key objectives are to deliver, evaluate and translate sound, past-present-future climate science to decision makers to identify and address adaptation needs, to promote sustainability, and to reduce human system vulnerability to regional climate variability/change.

Usable Weather and Climate Data
Usable Weather and Climate Data

Climate Data Evaluation: Implement a capability to compute transparent, standardized metrics that offer application-oriented information about quality of data and their uncertainties.

Usable Climate Science: Develop the scientific basis for co-developing sound climate data and information services in critical end-use domains (e.g., agriculture, urban, and natural resource planning). 

Scenario Environment for Integrated IVA Studies: Define a protocol for interdisciplinary engagement through quantitative scenario development and testing of the effectiveness of climate-adaptive interventions 

Climate Change Capacity Building: Define and develop modular science content and tools to assist in the translation of climate science information to support multi-directional capacity building and decision-making in context of extreme societal vulnerability


Linda Mearns

Head of RISC Program


Rachel McCrary