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RAL at AMS 102nd Annual Meeting

#AMS2022: Environmental Security

Event - AMS 2022 presentations/sessions

The 2022 AMS Annual Meeting will be held virtually 23–27 January 2022. The Student Conference remains hybrid, in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center. The theme of the AMS 102nd Annual Meeting is Environmental Security: weather, water and climate for a more secure world.

RAL is thrilled to continue our participation - We hope you can join us! #AMS2022



Health Security: Understanding the Connections between Weather, Water, Climate, and Health Security, Olga Wilhelmi, 08:30:00- 10:00:00 CST, Grand Ballroom B Panelist

Trade-off Studies of Probabilistic Forecasting Methods for Upper-Level Aviation Turbulence, Hyeyum (Hailey) Shin, 09:00:00- 09:15:00 CST, 371BC Speaker

Weather and Roads, Amanda Siems-Anderson, 13:30:00- 15:00:00 CST, Co-Chair

Wildland Fire and Weather, Jared Lee, 13:30:00- 15:00:00 CST, Virtual Co-Chair

Statistics and Machine Learning for Climate Science. Part I, Christina Kalb, 13:30:00- 15:00:00 CST, Co-Chair

Development of a Roadway Flood Severity Index, Curtis Walker, 14:00:00- 14:15:00 CST, Virtual Speaker

Machine Learning Applications in the Energy Sector, Sue Ellen Haupt, 15:45:00- 16:00:00 CST, 361ABC Chair

Kevin Trenberth Symposium Monday Poster Session, Yongxin Zhang, 17:00:00- 18:30:00 CST, Virtual Poster


Offshore Wind. Part II, Jared Lee, 10:45:00- 12:00:00 CST, Virtual Co-Chair

The Environmental Conditions Conducive to Generating Cells Observed during SNOWIE, Sarah Tessendorf, 10:45:00- 11:00:00 CST, 322A Speaker

Offshore Sensitivities across Scales: A NYSERDA Case Study, Patrick Hawbecker, 11:00:00- 11:15:00 CST, Virtual / 361ABC Speaker

Current Icing Product (CIP) and Forecast Icing Product (FIP) Version 2.0, Dan Adriaansen, 11:00:00- 11:15:00 CST, 371BC Speaker

Graphical Turbulence Guidance Nowcast (GTGN) Case Analysis, Julia Pearson, 13:30:00- 13:45:00 CST, Speaker

NYSolarCast: Forecasting Solar Power for New York State, Jared Lee, 14:15:00- 14:30:00 CST, Virtual Speaker

Developmental Testbed Center: Current Status and Outlook for the Future, Louisa Nance, 15:45:00- 16:00:00 CST, 352A Speaker


J9.6 - Toward the Use of 3D Radar Data within the Current Icing Product, Scott Ellis, 10:00:00- 10:15:00 CST, Speaker

Wind and Solar Resource Assessment. Part II, Jared Lee, 10:45:00- 12:00:00 CST, Virtual Co-Chair

Advances in Mesoscale-to-Microscale Model Coupling for Wind Energy Applications, Sue Ellen Haupt, 11:15:00- 11:30:00 CST, 361ABC Speaker

Session 11 - Radar Observations of Deep Convection around the World, Scott Ellis, 13:30:00- 15:00:00 CST, Chair

Mesoscale Convective Systems, Jason Knievel, 13:30:00- 15:00:00 CST, Virtual Co-Chair

Cloud-Based Online Training Platform for WRF-HYDRO Model, Ishita Srivastava, 16:30:00- 16:45:00 CST, Virtual Speaker

Advancing a Space Weather Verification and Diagnostic System Using METplus, Tara Jensen, 16:30:00- 16:45:00 CST, 310A Speaker


Wildfire Pyrometeor Classifications Using Dual-Polarization S-Band Radar, David Serke, 08:45:00- 09:00:00 CST, 342ABC Speaker

Panel - International Dimensions of Environmental Security: Why care?, Bill Mahoney, 13:30:00- 15:00:00 CST, Virtual Panelist

Presentation, Panels, Poster Sessions at the 2022 AMS Annual Meeting
Find your session web link at https://ams.confex.com/ams/102ANNUAL/meetingapp.cgi

23 January 2022 to 27 January 2022

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