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External Awards

Recipient(s) Awardsort ascending Publication Year
Daniel Breed WMA Thunderbird Award 2014
Bruintjes, Roelof WMA Thunderbird Award 2012
Bruintjes, Roelof WMA Schaefer Award 2013
Bruintjes, Roelof WMA International Award 2009
Axisa, Duncan WMA Distinguished Service Award 2010
Sue Ellen Haupt, BrankoKosovic, Tara Jensen, Jim Cowie, Jeff Lazo, Bill Mahoney, Gary Cunning, Pedro Jimenez, Jared Lee, Tyler McCandless,... Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG) 2017
Amman, Buja, Griggs, O'Neill & Tebaldi (CGD) USDA Abraham Lincoln Honor Award 2016
Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) U.S. Government Technology Leadership Award Finalist 2000
Weather Support to Deicing Decision Making (WSDDM) U.S. Government Technology Leadership Award 1999
Megenhardt, Daniel U.S. Department of Commerce, NWS, Certificate of Recognition 2009
Sharman, Robert and Cornman, Larry Top 50 Research Leaders of the Year, Scientific American 2003
Theriault, Julie Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Prize, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanic Society 2010
Brown, Barbara Special Recognition Award, WMO WWRP 2011
Greg Meymaris Significant Contributor 2018
Yates, David Quentin Martin Best Practices Paper, American Society of Civil Engineers 2013
Yates, David Quentin Martin Best Practices Paper, American Society of Civil Engineers 2010
Johnson, David Paul F. Holloway Non-Aerospace Technology Transfer Award, NASA Langley 2008
Politovich, Marcia Paul F. Holloway Non-Aerospace Technology Transfer Award, NASA Langley 2008
Cenlin He Outstanding Reviewer Award 2018
Bieringer, Paul Outstanding Platform Presentation, National Chem/Bio Defense Science and Technology Conference 2011
Aviation Weather Research Program Team NWA Aviation Weather Award 2002
Bruce Carmichael, Matthias Steiner, Robert Sharman, Ken Stone, James Pinto, Wiebke Deierling, Gary Cunning, Cathy Kessinger, and David... NWA Aviation Meteorology Award 2018
Miller, Kathleen Nobel Peace Prize - IPCC, Nobel Foundation 2008
Romero-Lankao Paty Nobel Peace Prize - IPCC, Nobel Foundation 2008
Bruce Carmichael National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Silk Scarf Award 2018
Turbulence Research Team, Cornman, Larry et al. NASA Turning Goals into Reality 2003
In-Flight Icing Research Team NASA Turning Goals into Reality 2002
In-Flight Icing Research Team NASA Turning Goals into Reality 2001
Haggerty, Julie NASA Paul F. Holloway Technology Transfer Award 2007
Williams, John NASA Langley Certificate of Appreciation 2004
Wolff, Cory et al. NASA Earth Science Applications Award 2005
Cornman, Larry NASA Certificate of Appreciation, Aviation Safety and Security Program 2005
Romero-Lankao Paty Leopold Leadership Fellowship 2008
Romero-Lankao Paty Latina Leader Award in the Category of Science, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute 2008
Cervone, Guido ISSNAF Young Investigator Award 2013
Williams, John First place (tie), Artificial Intelligence Contest 2008
Aviation Weather Research Program FAA Excellence in Aviation Research Award 2002
Micah Hahn Exceptional Early-Career Contribution to the Field of EcoHealth 2014
David Johnson European Patent: Optical Device for Correcting Geostationary Satellite Imagery for Earth Curvature Effects 2017
Breed, Daniel Distinguished Alumni Award, Sterling Illinois, Schools Foundation 2004
Mahoney, Haupt, Kosovic, Wiener, Myers, Y. Liu, Johnson, Sun, Delle Monache, Politovich, Williams, Linden, Cheng, Pearson, Y. Liu, Wu,... Colorado Governor's Award for High-Impact Research in the Sustainability category 2014
Steiner, Matthias Best Paper of Session Award, Digital Avionic Systems Conference 2010
Lindholm, Tenny A. Best Paper of Session Award, Digital Avionic Systems Conference 2001
In-situ Turbulence Detection System Aviation Week Laurels Award 2000
Cornman, Larry et al. Aviation Week Laurels Award 1998
Cornman, Larry and Wes Wilson Aviation Week Laurels Award 1990
Robert Sharman and Bruce Carmichael Aviation Industry Award 2017
Robert Sharman Aviation & Space Operations Weather Prize 2018
Rita Roberts and Jim Wilson Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI) Choice Award

Meteorology of Tropical West Africa

Thompson, Greg and Lindholm, Tenny A. ATCA Technical Writing Award 2007
Wilson, James AMS Remote Sensing Lecture Award 2003
Mahoney, William AMS Kenneth C. Spengler Award 2010
David Gochis AMS Fellow 2018
Sue Ellen Haupt AMS Fellow 2018
Sharman, Robert AMS Fellow 2016
Matthias Steiner AMS Fellow 2014
Chen, Fei AMS Fellow 2012
Mahoney, William AMS Fellow 2011
Roberts, Rita AMS Fellow 2008
Brown, Barbara AMS Fellow 2007
Rasmussen, Roy AMS Fellow 2004
Politovich, Marcia AMS Fellow 2003
Foote, Brant AMS Cleveland Abbe Award 2010
Fei Chen American Meteorological Society Helmut E. Landsberg Award 2018
Andrew Newman and Larry Cornman American Geophysical Union (AGU): Outstanding Reviewers 2017
Turbulence and windshear warning system, Hong Kong Airport Air Traffic Management Magazine award 2000
Julie Vano AGU President-Elect Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences 2018
Amanda Siems-Anderson, Gerry Wiener, Thomas Brummet, Seth Linden, William Petzke, Padhrig McCarthy, Vince Garcia and Ali Ragan (WYDOT),... Best Paper Award by World Road Association (PIARC)

Use of the Pikalert® System in the Wyoming Department of Transportation Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment.