Awards and Patents

Award Type
Award Type Title Recipient(s) Award Year / Patent Issue Date
internal Education and Outreach Award Kevin Petty (ASP and RAL). Co-winners included Charlie Knight (ESSL/MMM) and Raj Pandya (ASP and ESSL/MMM). 1998
internal Outstanding Publication Award Rita Roberts. Co-nominee and co-author included Steven Rutledge (Colorado State University) 2007
external Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Prize, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanic Society Theriault, Julie 2010
external National Weather Association’s Aviation Meteorology Award for 2022 Scott Landolt (RAL) and Julie Haggerty (EOL) 2022
external AMS Cleveland Abbe Award Foote, Brant 2011
external FAA Excellence in Aviation Research Award Aviation Weather Research Program 2002
internal Outstanding Publication Award Bob Sharman (AAP/RAL). Co-nominees and co-authors included Todd Lane (ASP/CMS), Terry Clark (MMM/CSM), and Hsiao-Ming Hsu (MMM) 2004
external U.S. Department of Commerce, NWS, Certificate of Recognition Megenhardt, Daniel 2009
external AMS Fellow Richard Wagoner 1990
internal UCAR Diversity Award Maria Frediani & Alex Rugg Stebbins 2022
external AMS Fellow Chen, Fei 2013
internal Halaby Fellowship Ranquist, Emily 2016
internal Outstanding Publication Award Juanzhen Jenny Sun (RAL/MMM) and N. Andrew Crook (RAL/MMM) 2001
external USDA Abraham Lincoln Honor Award Global Food Security Report Team: Amman, Buja, Griggs, O'Neill & Tebaldi (CGD) 2016
external AMS Fellow Juanzhen (Jenny) Sun 2020
external AMS Fellow Brown, Barbara 2007
external Leopold Leadership Fellowship Romero-Lankao Paty 2008
internal Outstanding Publication Award Roy Rasmussen, Ben Bernstein, and Greg Stossmeister. Co-nominees and co-authors included Masataka Murakami (Meteorological Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan), Jon Reisner (Los Alamos National Laboratory) and Boba Stankov (NOAA).
external WMA International Award Bruintjes, Roelof 2009
external National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Silk Scarf Award Bruce Carmichael 2018
external AMS Kenneth C. Spengler Award Mahoney, William 2010
external NASA Certificate of Appreciation, Aviation Safety and Security Program Cornman, Larry 2005
internal Outstanding Publication Award Jothiram Vivekanandan (Research Applications Program), Joseph Turk (Colorado State University), and V. N. Bringi (CSU) 1994
internal Distinguished Achievement Award Roy Rasmussen 2019
external ATCA Technical Writing Award Thompson, Greg and Lindholm, Tenny A. 2007