Education and Outreach Award

Kevin Petty (ASP and RAL). Co-winners included Charlie Knight (ESSL/MMM) and Raj Pandya (ASP and ESSL/MMM).

For significant contributions toward bringing current knowledge on weather and climate to teachers throughout Colorado via NCAR's Project LEARN (Laboratory Experience in Atmospheric Research at NCAR).

Winners of the 1998 Performance Awards: (left to right) John Clyne, NCAR director Bob Serafin, Jeff Boote, UCAR president Rick Anthes, Don Lenschow, Krista Laursen, Kevin Petty, Hal Cole, Chip Owens, Rich Lueb, Errol Korn, Terry Hock, UCAR vice president Jack Fellows, Charlie Knight, Ned Chamberlain, Dean Lauritsen, (clockwise from top) Ken Norris, Phil Judge, Cindy Worster, and Eron Brennan.