Outstanding Publication Award

Roy Rasmussen, Jothiram Vivekanandan, and Jeff Cole. Co-authors included: M. Kuperman (United Airlines, San Francisco, CA), Barry Myers (Transport Canada, Montreal, Quebec), and Charles Masters (FAA, Atlantic City, NJ).

A combination of five years of fundamental research and practical application went into these papers, which analyze a series of aircraft accidents that involved inadequate deicing. The authors found that the standard relationship between snowfall intensity and visibility that is used by many weather services can be misleading because of variations in snow type and differences in how visibility is affected by snowfall during the day versus the night. Because of this work, airlines have improved the procedures they use to estimate snowfall rates.

Rasmussen, R. M., J. Cole, R. L. Moore, and M. Kuperman, 2000: Common snowfall conditions associated with aircraft takeoff accidents. Journal of Aircraft, 37, 110-116


Rasmussen, R. M., J. Vivekanandan, J. Cole, B. Myers, and C. Masters, 1999: The estimation of snowfall rate using visibility. Journal of Applied Meteorology 1989-2005 (After 2005 - Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology), 38, 1542-1563

Roy Rasmussen (second from left), one of three recipients of the Outstanding Publication award, is joined by (left to right) Tim Killeen, Jack Fellows, Katy Schmoll, and Rick Anthes. Not pictured are Jothiram Vivekenandan and Jeff Cole.