Mentoring Award

James Wilson (RAL/EOL)

For providing meaningful mentorship to a broad range of people, from junior and senior scientists, administrators, and engineers to various levels of students. Jim transcends cultural, gender, job classification, divisional, institutional, and national boundaries to identify and encourage the special talents of others.

Winners of the UCAR Outstanding Accomplishment Awards for 2004. Front row (left to right): Chin-Hoh Moeng, Sonja Stevenson, Lucy Warner, Jim Wilson, Anatta, Nita Razo, Carlye Calvin. Second row: Nicole Gordon, Mike Shibao, Jeff Weil, Tom Horst, Peter Sullivan. Third row: David Hosansky, Bob Henson, Yvonne Mondragon, Zhenya Gallon, John Michelakes. Back row: Katy Schmoll, Tim Killeen, Rick Anthes.