Education and Outreach Award

Rita Roberts and James Wilson
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For training weather forecasters to make better forecasts of convective weather using Autonowcaster. Over the past five years, the nominees have taught students, scientists, and weather forecasters how to make better forecasts of convective weather. They do this with the Autonowcaster, a forecast decision system that incorporates much of their research and is now operational in selected U.S. National Weather Service, Army, and international forecast offices. They are nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise in short-term forecasting of thunderstorms and for their commitment to share their knowledge with others. They have taught at 15 international scientific workshops in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization and National Weather Service in the U.S. and abroad, conducted focused training programs, created interactive learning modules and other instructional materials, and hosted long-term visitors sent to NCAR for more intensive training. The impact of their work is profound. In giving the gift of information, knowledge, and skills, they have created new scientific capabilities for teachers and students, and for weather forecasters serving the general public.