ISSNAF Young Investigator Award

Italian Scientists and Scholars of North America Foundation
Cervone, Guido

In pursuing its mission, ISSNAF grants specific focus to young scientists and scholars working in North America whose commitment to their discipline of study is innovative, impactful and honors their country of origin. ISSNAF Board of Trustees believed a meaningful prize would stimulate not only a greater general awareness of younger researchers' work, but would also motivate young scholars and scientists with talent.

In 2011, the Foundation established awards addressed to specific disciplines within Earth Sciences and the Humanities. winners receive a $5,000 prize and, since 2012, are honored with the Medaglia di Rappresentanza del Presidente della Repubblica Italiana.The ISSNAF Award for Young Investigators acknowledges the most innovative research in one of the following areas:
• Bio-medicine
• Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience
• Environmental Sciences
• Physics, Astro-physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
• Technological Innovations (2011 and 2012)