Road weather hazard system

Sheldon Drobot, Michael Chapman, Amanda Anderson, Gerry Wiener, Seth Linden, Crystal Burghardt
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A method and system for assessing road conditions is provided. The method includes determining a road hazard condition for a road segment that may include a precipitation type, a pavement condition, and a visibility level. The precipitation type may be determined using radar data, satellite cloud classification data, weather station air temperature data, wiper status, mobile air data, speed ratio, or headlight status. The pavement condition may be determined using pavement temperature, precipitation type, automatic brake system status, traction status or a stability control observation, and a yaw rate. The visibility level may be determined using wind speed, relative humidity, percentage of fog lights on, percentage of high beams on, speed ratio, station visibility, station-reported visibility type, wildfire existence, wind direction, a dust existence indicator.