Scott Swerdlin

Scott Swerdlin
RAL Prog Dir

Mr. Scott Swerdlin is Director of the National Security Applications Program (NSAP) for NCAR’s Research Applications Laboratory and is the President of STAR Institute.  Both organizations are dedicated to enhancing our National security, with an emphasis on developing fine scale NWP modeling systems coupled to transport and dispersion modeling for use urban and building protection against airborne releases of hazardous agents due to terrorist activities or industrial accidents.  Mr. Swerdlin manages a group of 45 scientists and engineers working on diverse areas of S&T. He also manages several commercial and international programs that have elements of numerical weather prediction, research in the atmospheric sciences, and operational decision support. Coming from a background in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in signal processing, he has developed considerable experience with large-scale weather modeling systems, transport and dispersion coupled applications, and software development processes.