Turbulence Impact Mitigation Workshop 3

1.5    Workshop Agenda

The agenda for the Turbulence Mitigation Workshop 3 is given below.

 Day 1

Advances in Detection, Forecasting, and Characterization of Aviation-scale Turbulence

 8:30-8:45          Logistics/Intro: (Dr. Bob Sharman, NCAR/Matt Fronzak, MITRE/Tammy Flowe, FAA)

 8:45-9:00          Dr. William Bauman, FAA, NextGen Aviation Weather Division:  Welcome      

 9:00-9:20          Steve Abelman, American Airlines:  KEYNOTE  

 9:20-9:40          Dr. Todd Lane, Univ. Melbourne, Australia:  Convectively Induced Turbulence (CIT) Research      

9:40-10:00         Katelyn Barber, Univ. North Dakota:  CIT– Near Cloud Turbulence          

10:20-10:40       NASA Langley and/or Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS):  Satellite-based Turbulence Detection

10:40-11:00       Dr. Wiebke Deierling, NCAR: Graphical Turbulence Guidance (GTG) CIT Development               

11:00-11:30       Discussion

12:30-12:50      Dr. Hye-Yeong Chun, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea: Measurement of Turbulence From High-resolution Radiosondes

12:50-13:10      Dr. Greg Meymaris/Larry Corman, NCAR:  In-situ Eddy Dissipation Rate (EDR)/Turbulence for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)    

13:10-13:30      Dr. Domingo Muñoz-Esparza, NCAR:  Low Level Turbulence (LLT)   

13:30-13:50      DLR (German Aerospace Center):  Turbulence Research Efforts/Wake Vortex Encounter Analysis         

14:10-14:30      NOAA & United Kingdom Met Office: World Area Forecast System (WAFS) Update

14:30-14:50      Dr. Jim Doyle, Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey:  MWT/ Turbulence Predictability  

14:50-15:10      Dr. Paul Williams, Univ. of Reading, UK:  Climate Change in Aviation Impacts

15:10-15:30      Dr. Matthias Steiner, NCAR: Operational Frontiers for Turbulence Diagnosis/Forecasting  

15:30-16:10      Discussion

16:10-16:30      Day 1 Summary & Wrap-Up

Day 2

Mitigating Turbulence Impacts in Aviation Operations

 8:30-8:45         Welcome, Summary of Day 1, and Logistics (Tammy Flowe, Dr. Bob Sharman)

 8:45-9:15         Don Eick, National Transportation Safety Board: Update on Turbulence Events in National Airspace System

 9:15-9:45         Captain Tom Staigle, Delta Air Lines: A Commercial Airline Perspective/Evaluation Of Use of GTG, GTGN and EDR in Real-time Operations

 9:45-10:1         Eldridge Frazier, FAA Aviation Weather Division: Remote Oceanic Meteorology Information Operational (ROMIO) Overview

10:45-11:15      Tim Rahmes, The Boeing Company; Rocky Stone and Nathan Polderman, UAL: Boeing and United Airlines Cooperative Turbulence Efforts

11:15-11:45      Rune Duke, Aircraft Operators and Pilots Association (AOPA): General Aviation Community Perspective

13:00-13:30      International Air Transport Association (IATA): Global Turbulence Database Development

13:30-14:00      Alfred Moosakhanian, FAA:  Update on NWP and CSS-Wx and Turbulence Requirements

14:00-14:30      John Maffei (or representative), FAA ANG-C7: Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) and Weather Impacts

15:00-15:15      Rocky Stone, UAL:  Summary of Workshop and Lead In to Open Discussion/Q&A

15:15 –16:20     Discussion Period

16:20-16:30       Concluding Remarks