Past Hydrometeorology Seminars

Date Title Presenter(s) Recording
Aug 23 2019 (Urban) Boundary Layer Processes in Complex Terrain | HAPpy Hour Seminar Andrea Zonato, PhD. student from the University of Trento, Italy
Jul 19 2019 Evaluation of Precipitation Extremes under a Changing Climate using High Resolution Modeling Tools | HAPpy Hour Deeksha Rastogi, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Jul 12 2019 Integrated ocean-atmospheric forecasting over the maritime continent (Indonesia). A Public Private Partnership (PPP) project between BMKG, the Indonesian government and Liquid Robotics. | HAPpy Hour Seminar Roelof Bruintjes, NCAR RAL
Jun 28 2019 Statistical Data Assimilation in Coastal Ocean Modeling | HAPpy Hour Seminar Dr. Talea Mayo, Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida
Jun 18 2019 Tropical rainfall simulated by a convection-permitting ocean-atmosphere coupled regional model | HAPpy Hour Seminar Daniel Argüeso, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellow at the University of the Balearic Islands
Sep 20 2018 Ensemble-based reanalysis of the seasonal snowpack using multispectral satellite imagery | HAPpy Hour Seminar Kris Aalstad, Ph.D. candidate from the University of Oslo
Sep 7 2018 Improving the reliability and added value of dynamical downscaling via correction of large scale errors: A Norwegian perspective | HAPpy Hour Seminar Marie Pontoppidan, Ph.D. student at Uni Research Climate and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen Norway
Aug 31 2018 Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Estimates with Ground- and Space-based Remote Sensing | HAPpy Hour Seminar Pierre Kirstetter, University of Oklahoma/National Severe Storms Laboratory
Aug 24 2018 Accounting for climate uncertainty in hydrologic model calibration and ensemble Kalman filter based on an existing historical climate ensemble dataset | HAPpy Hour Seminar Hongli Liu, PhD student at the University of Waterloo, Ontario
Jun 29 2018 Soil evaporation and land surface models | HAPpy Hour Seminar Mark Decker, a research fellow at the University of New South Wales
Jun 21 2018 How to better understand flooding: High-resolution modeling and data assimilation | HAPpy Hour Seminar Seonjin Noh, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington
Jun 1 2018 Improving Projections of Regional Climate Change with Hybrid Downscaling | HAPpy Hour Seminar Daniel Walton, post-doctoral scholar from the Center for Climate Science at UCLA
May 18 2018 Detecting, Interpreting, and Modeling Hydrologic Extremes to Support Flexible Water Management and Planning | HAPpy Hour Seminar Erin Towler, Capacity Center for Climate and Weather Extremes (C3WE) in MMM