International Water Resources

Improving understanding of climate impacts on water resources

A number of projects conducted within RAL focus on assisting decision and policy-makers in better understanding the impact of climate change and extreme weather events on water resources.  Using the Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) model, co-developed by Dr. David Yates and scientists at the Stockholm Environment Institute, we are helping to address the growing need around the globe for new tools and methods to assess the impact of future climate-predicted precipitation on water availability and quality. By coupling physical hydrology and water planning and management information within a single framework, WEAP can be used by planners and managers to develop scenarios and strategies for more robust water management decision-making in their watershed, city or state.  In addition to the WEAP model, RAL scientists work with stakeholders to adapt regional and global climate models and datasets to their needs. Education, training, and capacity building are fundamental components of this water resource management effort.

Recent Updates

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A description of DS316.0, Global 6-hourly Bias-corrected CMIP5 CESM Files in WRF/MPAS Intermediate Format” by A. Monaghan, D. Steinhoff, C. Bruyere, and D. Yates

International Water Resources