RAL Visitor Program

The Research Applications Laboratory (RAL) conducts directed research that contributes to the depth of fundamental scientific understanding, fosters the transfer of knowledge and technology for the betterment of life on earth, and supports technology transfer efforts that expand the reach of atmospheric science. We are organized into six programs focused on aviation, national security, hydrometeorology, weather systems and assessments, testing and evaluation of numerical weather prediction systems, and climate sciences and applications. The majority of our work is funded by external (non-NSF) sponsors including federal agencies, the private sector, and foreign entities.

As part of our core values we encourage and support collaboration with colleagues within the U.S. and abroad. To further those interactions we offer a variety of opportunities to visit RAL and work with our staff: With the sponsorship of a host RAL scientist, a request can be made for funding to support a visitor’s travel and per diem costs. With the sponsorship of a host RAL scientist, we can provide administrative and computing support to visitors with their own funding. Opportunities may exist for visitors to work with our staff on specific projects for a defined period of time (typically no more than 1 year) and be paid salaries that are equivalent to those they receive at their home institutions.

A number of our scientists participate in UCAR’s Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS) program which offers summer research internships to undergraduates exploring a career in an atmospheric science or related field.

We provide support for graduate research assistants and post-doctoral scientists by partnering with NCAR’s Advanced Study Program.

For information on scientific collaboration opportunities: