HAP Projects

Project Name Related Focus Area(s)
Alaska and Hawaii climate projections
Assessing the Viability of Over-the-Loop Streamflow Forecasting
Assimilation of Ponded Water Retrievals
Bighorn Mountains
Climate Change Impacts on Water
Colorado Headwaters
Computational Hydrology
CONUS Downscaling
Convective Initiation with PECAN Data
Denver Water
Ensemble Data Assimilation and Prediction
Evaluating Winter Instrumentation - Marshall
Global Water Cycle and Drought
High Elevation Monitoring for Snowpack and Water Supply Predictions
High-Resolution Land Data Assimilation System (HRLDAS)
Hydrologic Ensemble Prediction EXperiment (HEPEX)
Hydrologic Modeling
Idaho Power Project
Improve High-Resolution Forecasts for Cities
Improving Seasonal Water Supply Predictions
Improving WRF Physics
Lower Colorado and Rio Grande River Basins
Measurements and Modeling of Land Surface Hydrologic Conditions in the North American Monsoon Region
Measurements of Intercepted Snow and Rain in the Forest Canopy
Measuring Soil Moisture And Snow Depth With GPS
Medicine Bow and Sierra Madre Ranges
Meteorological Datasets
Multi-scale Parameter Regionalization Flex (MPR-flex)
NOAA Climate Forecast System
Noah-Multiparameterization Land Surface Model (Noah-MP LSM)
Observation, Radar Data Quality Control, and Rainfall Estimate
Optically Derived LWE Measurements
Public Health Benefits of Green House Gas Mitigation: Abu Dhabi
Quantitative Precipitation Nowcasting (QPN)
Regional Atmospheric Modeling under Climate Change for the Arabian Gulf: Al Ain
Regional Water-Energy Nexus and Climate Change in the Arabian Peninsula
Seeded and Natural Orographic Wintertime Storms: the Idaho Experiment (SNOWIE)
Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment - SPICE
Statistical Learning Project
STEP Hydromet Experiment
Storm-Scale Data Assimilation to Improve QPF
Streamflow Prediction
Streamflow Prediction with WRF-Hydro
Streamflow Routing (mizuRoute)
Structure For Unifying Multiple Modeling Alternatives - SUMMA
Supporting the NOAA National Water Model
System for Hydromet Analysis, Research and Prediction (SHARP)
The Intermediate Complexity Atmospheric Research model (ICAR)
Thunderstorm Auto Nowcasting
Tibetan Plateau
USAID: PARA-Agua, Latin America
USAID: Be Secure, Philippines
Water Banking and Drought Mitigation
Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) Model
Weather and Climate Downscaling
WRF-Urban Modeling
Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Project