JNT Projects

Project Name Related Focus Area(s)
AFWA Configuration Testing
AMPS Testbed
Code management and community support for GSI and EnKF
DTC - Community Code + Support
DTC - Testing + Evaluation
DTC Ensemble Testbed (DET)
DTC Verification
DTC Winter Forecast Experiment (DWFE)
Extended Core Test
Four-dimensional (4D) EnVar Data Assimilation for Regional Applications
GFS/NAM Forecast Precipitation Comparison
Hydrologic Ensemble Prediction EXperiment (HEPEX)
Indian Domain Testbed
KMA Testbed
Mesoscale Model Evaluation Testbed (MMET)
Mesoscale Modeling
NAM Configuration Testing
NOAA Testbeds
Pre-NARRE Configuration Testing
Reference Configurations
Stochastic Physics Testing
Testing and Evaluation for Supporting Operational Data Assimilation Implementation
Topo Wind Intercomparison
Tropical Cyclone Data Project
Tropical Cyclone Guidance Project (TCGP)
Tropical Cyclone Research Model Testing + Evaluation (TCMT)
WRF Version Testing
WRF-RR Core Test
WRF-RR Vertical Level Test