THOR-North System Information

The RAP portion of the THOR-North project is a fairly large deployment of both the NCWF (National Convective Weather Forecast) and Auto-Nowcaster systems on areas in the NorthEast corridor of the US. The NCWF portion of the system is being called RCWF (Regional Convective Weather Forecast) because it is being run on lower resolution data from just this corridor. The Auto-Nowaster portion of the system (which I usually just call the Nowcaster) will be run on 2 of the radars in the corridor.

The main system will be running at Lincoln Labs in Boston, where we will provide 12 Debian LINUX CPUs to run the system and Lincoln will provide a Solaris box for running our software to convert their TeraScan format satellite data into our internal MDV format. Large-scale boundaries to be used in the RCWF system will be entered by forecasters at the SPC using their own displays and software. Local-scale boundaries to be used in the Nowcaster system will be entered by RAP scientists at either the SPC in Norman or on a local display at RAP using RAP displays and software.

The following information is currently available for THOR-North:

Author: Nancy Rehak
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