Climate Science Applications, WSAP Projects

Project Name Related Focus Area(s)
Advanced Wind Prediction System
Advancing Weather Analysis and Forecasting Technologies
Battelle Road Weather Hazard Demonstration
Boundary-Layer Processes That Affect Wind-Energy Production
Brunei LLWAS Acquisition
Connected Vehicles
DIA Runway Decision Support
Doppler Radar-based Wind Shear Detection
Dynamic Integrated foreCast (DICast®) System
Energy Sector
Forecasting For Wind Energy
GRAFS (GRidded Atmospheric Forecast System)
High-Resolution Land Data Assimilation System (HRLDAS)
Institutional Capacity For Climate Policies In Cities
IPCC - Climate Change - Impacts, Adaptation, Vulnerability
Large-Eddy Simulations And Microscale Modeling Applications
Low Level Wind Shear Alert System (LLWAS)
Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS)
Meso-Microscale Coupling
NASA Agriculture Decision Support
NCAR Consortium for Agriculture and Food Security through Earth Observations (NCAFSEO)
NCAR's Contribution To Wind And Solar Energy Prediction
Offshore Wind Project
Optically Derived LWE Measurements
Program For The Augmentation Of Rainfall In Coahulia
Solar Power Forecasting Partnership
Traffic and Weather on I-70
Training And Capacity Building
Turbine Interaction
Urban Populations' Capacity To Perceive And Respond To Risks
Urbanization Dynamics - Vulnerability and Risk
Use of Vehicle Data in Numerical Weather Prediction
Variable Renewable Energy Forecasting System
Weather and Society * Integrated Studies - WAS*IS
Wind and Power Predictions for Vattenfall
Wind Energy Prediction - R&D Workshop
Wind Forecasting Improvement Project (WFIP2)
Wind Power Prediction
Wind Resource Modeling in Bangladesh
Windshear and Turbulence Warning System - Hong Kong
WYDOT Connected Vehicle Pilot