Urbanization Dynamics - Vulnerability and Risk


Dynamics of urbanization shaping urban emissions, vulnerability and risk

Urbanization Dynamics - Vulnerability And Risk
Urbanization Dynamics - Vulnerability And Risk

Existing scholarship has largely focused on exposure resulting from urbanization, while other dimensions of urban vulnerability such as sensitivity or capacity to adapt have been insufficiently understood. Furthermore, most attention has been given to the negative effects of urbanization, while opportunities for vulnerability reduction have been underemphasized.

The paper "Exploring the relationships between urbanization trends and climate change vulnerability" explores key relationships between urbanization, economic development and socio-economic vulnerability on a global scale. Using data with national resolution, we applied a clustering approach to identify ten country groups sharing similar patterns of urbanization and socio-economic development. We then explored associations between these country groups and selected indicators for exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity drawing upon data from the World Risk Index. Our findings suggest that countries with rapid urbanization and economic transformation face significant challenges with respect to sensitivity and the lack of capacities.


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