High-Resolution Climate Projections & Dataset Development

High-Resolution Climate Projections and Dataset Development

Providing climate change information for impacts, decision-making, and climate science

Communicating Climate Information to Stakeholders

We curate and publishes output from high-resolution regional climate models for North America.  These data archives provide climate change scenario data and guidance to scientists and stakeholders alike.  This data has been in a wide variety of applications and research, including hydrology, ecology, health, wildfire, renewable energy, and agriculture; one example is a study of the effects of climate change on white-nose syndrome in bats.  We also study uncertainty in climate projections.


  • EPA
  • NOAA
  • NSF
  • DoE

Representative Projects

  • NA-CORDEX Data Archive - The North American CORDEX Program. Regional climate change scenario data and guidance for North America, for use in impacts, decision-making, and climate science.
  • NARCCAP Data Archive - The North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP) is an international program to produce high resolution climate change simulations in order to investigate uncertainties in regional scale projections of future climate and generate climate change scenarios for use in impacts research.



Linda Mearns

Head of RISC Program