In-Flight Icing Guidance


In-flight icing can be a factor in aircraft accidents and can create significant disruption of flight operations. Current official forecasts typically cover more space and time than needed, and thus deny use of aircraft or airspace unnecessarily.


Current Icing Product (CIP) and Forecast Icing Product (FIP)

Avoidance of these events is possible with diagnoses and forecasts of aircraft icing conditions that are improved in their operational availability, resolution, and accuracy.

The Current Icing Product (CIP) and Forecast Icing Product (FIP), developed at NCAR, are approved operational products run at the National Center for Environmental Prediction’s (NCEP) Aviation Weather Center.


The Current Icing Product (CIP) provides an hourly diagnosis of the potential of encountering airframe icing conditions over the CONUS at 13-km horizontal and 500-ft vertical resolution.

The Forecast Icing Product (FIP) provides forecasts out to 15 hours.

Probability, expected severity, and the potential for supercooled large drop conditions (freezing rain and drizzle) are included in the output files and displays.


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