Evaluating and Translating Climate Risk


To deliver sound climate science to decision-makers at regional and local scales to promote sustainability and reduce human system vulnerabilities to anticipated climate change impacts.


Climate Risk Management engine (CRMe)
CRMe is a standardized and modular climate data framework for evaluating and translating high-resolution climate data, information and knowledge for diverse applications.  For this effort, over 50 downscaled and GCM-level datasets were prepared and evaluated using the standardized framework.  More than 150,000 statistically and dynamically downscaled products and the results are available to application users through the Earth System Grid.  


CRMe is being used within the Climate Science Applications Program’s Regional Climate Science for Adaptation group to link into other national laboratory-level projects, such as the Department of Interior North Central Climate Science Center at Colorado State University, projects for the USDA, World Bank Climate Knowledge Portal and the World Bank International Finance Corp.


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