Evaluating the Risk for Dengue Fever


Mosquitoes exploit a wide range of containers as sites for laying their eggs and development, yet approaches for modeling container water dynamics have been limited making it difficult to predict when mosquitos will mature and become a threat.


WHATCH'EM - Water Height And Temperature in Container Habitats Energy Model WHATCH’EM is a state-of-the-science, physically based energy balance model of water environment in containers that may serve as development sites for dengue vector mosquitos or other container-inhabiting arthropods. WHATCH’EM simulates the highly non-linear manner in which air temperature, humidity, rainfall, and clouds interact with container characteristics (shape, size, and color) to determine water temperature and height, leading to results that are not always intuitive and likely not simulated by standard empirical models. 


WHATCH’EM is now being leveraged for use in other model-based studies funded by NASA, NIH, and DTRA to develop an early warning system for dengue risk.


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